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4 Signs You Are Clearly Dating Mr. Wrong

“Though you can sometimes easily tell when you’re dating a jerk, you might ignore that”
By Grace Cox April 9, 2020

4 Signs You Are Clearly Dating Mr. Wrong

“Though you can sometimes easily tell when you’re dating a jerk, you might ignore that”
By Grace Cox April 9, 2020

Though you can sometimes easily tell when you’re dating a jerk, you might ignore that inner voice. We may so desperately want things to work out that we’re willing to look past some of the most obvious signs that he is clearly Mr. Wrong. This can be particularly true if he seemed so pulled together and great at first, and then suddenly he doesn’t care about your happiness at all. What went wrong?

You usually know deep down if he’s the right or wrong guy for you, but you may wish it to be different. If you find yourself working hard to convince that inner voice that it will all be okay, take a step back and do inventory. If you still feel unsure if he’s the right guy for you, then you need to look at these tell-tale signs that he is without a doubt Mr. Wrong — and then it’s time to get moving!


He seems way too rehearsed

There’s a good chance that if he seems too good to be true, that he is. The most rehearsed and pulled together guys are often players. He may be playing you and several other women at once. If he always seems to have the right answer for everything, then he may be a player and definitely not the right guy for you. Pay close attention to how rehearsed he is and if it seems unnatural then chances are that he’s done this before and he’s playing you.

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He doesn’t seem to care what makes you happy but focuses on his own happiness

He may have started off super nice or he may have always been the bad boy. Whatever the case may be, he doesn’t seem to care at all about your happiness. He sure cares about his own happiness, but yours is a second priority to him. He does things for himself and he puts a lot of thought into his own life. You’re there for the ride so it seems and so he simply is not the type of guy to stick with for the long term.


He’s not at all interested in meeting your friends and family

The right guy should want to meet your friends and family without you begging him to. He should see that this is a part of your life and that these people are important to you. Though you may make excuses as to why he hasn’t met those closest to you yet, you know deep down if it’s not a match. If he only cares about his own family and friends, then he’s not a nice guy and he’s definitely not interested in your happiness.


He wants to control you and doesn’t take the time to listen to what you want

The man who is very controlling and pushy with little to no regard for what makes you happy is not the guy for you! He is pushy and he never even stops to listen to what you want. He has little regard for anyone else’s feelings for he’s all about maintaining control. This is not the type of guy that you will be happy with, so forget about him and find a nice guy that clearly cares about you.

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So, if you feel like it's the wrong guy, don't waste your time and find someone who will seem like your perfect match. Of course, sometimes it's hard to say if you really like him or not from the first date, but if your instincts are saying that he is not 'the one' you probably need to follow them. It's better to end this relationship in the beginning then regret it later. And you always can find a man that would be a perfect match for you. Don't wait and go to our mobile version or install a Meetville app on Android right now and go on a date with local singles!

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