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10 New Year Resolutions That Would Improve Your Relationship

“Make your relationship better in 2019! New Year is the time to start from a”
By Alex Glover December 22, 2018

10 New Year Resolutions That Would Improve Your Relationship

“Make your relationship better in 2019! New Year is the time to start from a”
By Alex Glover December 22, 2018

Make your relationship better in 2019!

New Year is the time to start from a clean page, forget about your past problems and make your life better. That's why New Year resolutions are so important. By making resolutions with a partner we got stuck to our promises, which helps us to improve and strengthen our relationship. If you still don't have your own resolution for the next year, here we got some of the most important points you should remember to improve your relationship.


Let go of the past

It's time to move past old arguments and regrets. If you had some bad moments in your relationship this year, start the new year from the clean page. Instead of stacking up past ‘failures’ to prove a point, work on ways of building trust in the relationship to ensure that arguments don’t become recurring.


Do good things together 

Doing something good for others will take your relationship to another level. Christmas holidays is a great time to volunteer to help people. But these volunteer organizations also need help desperately at other times of the year, so you and your sweetie will make a huge impact if you skip the Christmas day goodness and volunteer year-round instead. It will create an unbreakable bond between you two and also it's just a very good idea to help people and do good things.

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Have More Morning Sex

It actually concerns to sex in general. You work But morning sex is also a therapeutic, awakening exercise that will not only improve your relationship with your partner but also will make you feel better all the day. It's just as effective as coffee ;) Work can be stressful and sleep is important, but it’s just as important to prioritize the fun, intimate stuff.


Be silly!

Not everything in your relationship has to be so serious. Of course, you work in the office now and pay your bills, but who said there shouldn't be any fun in your life anymore? When was the last time you had a water fight, bounced on a trampoline or did something creative together? Being playful is a great stress reducer and all that fun will get some serious endorphins pumping – spicing up your relationship in more ways than one!


Criticize less than you praise

Try to forget about criticism and tell more compliments. We all have bad habits and sometimes it's hard to avoid them, but it's so important to show your partner that you love them and support them no matter what.


Have a shared goal 

Thinking about future together is a great way to build a long-term relationship. There is nothing that can bond two people together like a shared goal and a will to achieve something.


Do the little things 

These tiny little things that seem like something unimportant are actually the basis of your relationship. There is no better way to show your love in actions than leaving little notes or making breakfast in the morning. If you want to keep your relationship strong for a long time, it's the first thing you should start doing in a new year.


Show More Interest in Each Other’s Interests

There’s a simple rule you should remember: you don’t have to like everything your partner likes, or do everything they do – but when they show you that they want you to participate, you should. Sharing the same interests it's SO important in a relationship. And even if you're not that much into football or backing, you just need to show your support and appreciation of his/her interests.



Make it an important part of your day. Don't let anything interrupt you and just listen to each other. Ask your partner how was the day and what are his/her plans for tomorrow. Listen when they talk about their dreams and goals. Your relationship will never be successful if you won't learn how to listen to each other.

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Talk about your feelings

It's important to say about your love, but it's even more important to say if you are not happy with something. You don't like the way your partner leaves the dishes on the table after the meal. Or that his/her ex is still calling from time to time. Start this year with being honest with each other and sharing all your feeling. Even if some of them are not the good ones.


Add these New Year resolutions to your "to-do" list as they will definitely help you to take your relationship to a completely new level. Happy New Year!

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