Dating in the Age of Technology

Dating in the Age of Technology

Tonight, like most others, hundreds of hopeful men and women will head out into that wonderful world known as dating.  They will all be armed with a ton of information about what to wear, what to say, what not to say and how to behave.  They will have read the books, asked their “relationship guru” friends and perused every dating advice column they can find online all just to finally get it right and hopefully meet “the one”.  This is the time of the over-educated dater.

We are constantly bombarded with new information about everything and the dating world with all its mystery is definitely a hot topic.  There are literally thousands of blogs, websites and columns dedicated solely to demystifying the world of intimate relationships.  So your information can actually buy you some status and the best thing you can do is use it.  There is absolutely no reason not to any a whole lot of reasons to.

Having a close intimate relationship is one of the number one goals most people have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who just don’t seem to quite know how to make it work.  So we keep looking for that elusive key to success, that special little thing that everyone else seems to have and we don’t.  Well, I’m here to tell you that key, or secret just doesn’t exist.

Prior to the internet the search for dating advice was a bit limited.  Advice columns in magazines and newspapers applied to a very broad audience, and in all likelihood didn’t answer your personal question. Or you had the misfortune to get into the professional “pick up” world, which may have given you a world of answers, all of them slimy and a bit offensive. Finally, there was the library, but that really probably screamed “geek” more than anything.

This day and age is a completely different story.  There are at least 85,000 online columns dedicated to dating and nothing else. Anyone who considers themself a relationship expert need only write a hundred pages and they can be published. And what counts for “news” these days is often not much more than talk about the relationship travails of one celebrity or another.

So what does one really do with all this information? And are you projecting the real you or some image that’s a bit fake?  If you don’t wear button down shirts and loafers on a daily basis what happens on your second or third date?  If the person of your dreams happens to show up in the midst of all this input it would be a whole lot better if the real you was the one showing through. Try hard to not get lost in all the information.  A little bit goes a long way.

There is nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself using all the great advise you find online.  The bottom line is a relationship is just that – two people relating to each other. Ultimately you just need to be you.

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