Dating Horoscope for July

Dating Horoscope for July

Wanna know what stars prepared for your  life this month? Take a look at your  and find out more about your future. 

Who knows, maybe this month will lead you to the love of your life. Or your current relationship will take an unexpected turn.

Here’s your personal dating for July.


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Are you finally over your ex? This month you may get some vibes from your past that will remind you of your lost love. It’s good to have these memories, though, don’t get too overwhelmed by it. If you meet your ex in person, there might be some sparks between you two. Before taking any action, consider it twice.

It’s gonna get better and you can do a lot of healing when Chiron goes retrograde in your sign after July 8. Remember that you won’t be entirely happy until you let go of your past and move on.


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A full moon and partial eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn is in the sky on the sixteenth, which will be the peak of your month and will bring a lot of new exciting moments to your dating life.

Finding a balance between your work and private life is very important. At the end of the month, you may feel stressed and emotionally exhausted, so use dating as a way for you to relax.


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The beginning of the month may seem quite difficult for you. You may feel a sudden urge to be alone, ’cause it feels hard to understand and communicate with other people.

The fun Leo sun arrives on the twenty-second, giving your dating life the exciting playfulness it’s been lacking. It’s the best time for you to get back into the dating pool and meet new people. Some of these new encounters may lead to something very exciting.


dating horoscope

You’ve been feeling a bit down lately but it’s going to change pretty soon. In the middle of the month, Mercury enters your sign to bring more fun into your dating life. It’s not only about love and romance, though. Your communicative skills will be on top this July which will help you to solve many of your problems connected with work and meeting new people. If you meet someone special, don’t expect to fall in love instantly, but better spend more time together and get to know each other better to develop the feeling.


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When Mars enters your fiery sign on July 1, get ready for some explosive energy! Don’t hold back, Leo. Romance is electric now. You can look forward to starting new during the new moon in your outgoing sign on July 31, especially if you have a lot on your social calendar already. You have an easy time talking and flirting with strangers and acquaintances.


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Your power planet Mercury turns retrograde in the Lion’s prideful sign on July 7, making it even more embarrassing when you stumble over your words or say the wrong thing. Making a good first impression is important, so make sure you think what you want to say beforehand. Though, by the end of the month, you will finally feel free of any restrictions connected to your love life. There’s nothing wrong with showing you’re excited to see or be with someone, Virgo!


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This month, you prefer to keep your love life’s moments to yourself. There is nothing bad about being private about your personal life, just don’t close up for a long time, it would be quite hard to get out of this condition later. It’s exciting when sexy Venus meets up with fiery Leo on July 27, mainly because you’ve been missing that passion in your love life lately. If you’ve been looking forward to a date with someone new, pull out all the stops.


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Jealousy is a big factor in romantic relationships during the sun-Pluto opposition in the middle of the month, and romantic triangles could become a problem. Don’t worry, though. You can handle this situation.

The sun pairs up with Leo, the sign it rules, on July 22, making the month ahead fun and exciting. This transit urges you to be a little more spontaneous and reminds you that dating is supposed to be fun. You might be surprised how much fun you can be once you let down your guard.


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This month you’re good at picking up on opportunities that other people missed. If you don’t have any rules against dating your friends’ exes, you might find your perfect match among them! The full moon and partial lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth urge you to take a relationship a step further, but are you really ready? Acting too quickly is your downfall now. Don’t sacrifice a sure thing for a maybe.


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This month you aren’t likely to date outside your regular “type” or try new experiences now, which is fine but somewhat limiting. Some new restrictions and limitations are coming to your dating life by the end of the month. The choice of your partner may influence your relationships with your family or people close to you. Keep in mind that not being on the same page with your loved one will never work for you. So, even if you don’t really agree with them, try to find ways to compromise.


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Your home planet is experiencing somewhat mismatched energy as it spends the month in steady Taurus, so you might not be as experimental and nontraditional as you usually are when it comes to love.  Exploring more conservative relationship roles gives you a good idea of what you are – and aren’t – interested in. The long-term plans are your focus now.


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Your home planet Neptune is retrograde all month, which could lead to some self-doubting moments. Why are things always so much better in your head? Taking a step toward facing reality is a winning move even though it might not seem like it at the time. Passionate Venus spends time in fiery Leo starting on the twenty-seventh, which means your love life sizzles with possibilities. If single, choose people who complement your style. Opposites attract, but having at least one thing in common helps.

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