Dating Divorced Men

Dating Divorced Men

Some women think that divorcés make better potential partners than men who have never married. In the past divorce used to be a red flag for many women that a man would come with the baggage of a previous marriage. But now divorce has become a part of our life as there are more people getting divorced than ever. If someone’s divorced, it’s not necessarily seen now as something bad. Let’s find some benefits in dating divorced men.

  • He’s learned from his mistakes. He has known a lot about himself, about what he has to work on, about what he can and cannot handle. So many women think that it’s better to take a humble guy with failed marriage than some arrogant guy who’s never settled down any day of the week. But be ready to stay patient when his ex-wife makes her weekly call.
  •  He knows how to communicate. A guy who’s lived with a woman for a significant period of time has a pretty good sense of what to say and when to say it. He even knows what to say when you’re trying on a dress and you ask his opinion.
  • He knows how to compromise. If you’re boyfriend’s divorced, you can be sure he’s lived with someone else for a while and has a solid understanding of shared space. He understands the flat isn’t his alone, he understands he doesn’t always get control of the TV.
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8 thoughts on “Dating Divorced Men”

  • You’re right! All the discussions are just words! Life is rich with cases and one is totally not the same as another! so, do not put all those cliches and feel free to marry anyone who you love and need – a divorced, a non-divorced! The man himself matters not the marital status 🙂

  • personally I’m not inclined to use second-hand items for something so important as a life partner. Yes, all his baggage and the lessons (unless of course you are capable of handling the baggage then go for it) – he’ll constantly compare me to one of his wives!

  • Really, there’s nothing special in dating the divorced. On contrary this may bring the lacking sensibility to you relations and the experience to learn from. But like in every relationship, you’ve got to mind the mate’s needs and expectations. Otherwise this will not do, no matter whether your mate is divorced or not!

  • Oh don’t bother yourself with a baggage problem. For me the ex-wife issue is great obstacle to healthy relationships with a divorced!! Just imagine that she’ll almost always will hang around and remind of the past!!!

  • no second-time chances?? then you’ll wait for a virgin? that will take all your life. think it’s better to take a chance and risk a lill’ bit, than wait for smb you don’t even know what to expect from!!

  • It may be a very rocky first one or two years because of the ex and you have to prepare yourself to it as much as possible. I’m sometimes appalled at how men who are left by their former wives and separated from their children are treated and forced into poverty. And despite the law saying the second wife is not financially responsible for her stepchildren, she still helps to feed them, clothe them, and put a roof over their heads

  • We all are looking for love, someone to share in the good times and bad. Divorce is not a failure, it’s just part of modern life. There are good women and men, both divorced and never married. It’s pretty easy to judge from outside, but that is not necessarily a true picture

  • One never knows what is going to happen in the future, I guess, but if you want to be happy with someone you have to roll the dice. I guess it’s a matter of finding someone with the same point of view as yours. Good luck to all the girls and guys aiming for happiness second time around.

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