Dating curvy women: pros and cons

Dating curvy women: pros and cons

What are the qualities you are looking for in a woman? Intelligence, personality, and… looks? Physical attractiveness is quite an important part when you’re building a new relationship. Everyone has their own preferable body type, however, most of the men prefer standard slim figures.

On the other hand, if physical appearance is not the first thing you are looking for in a lady, you should know that there are a lot of great benefits of dating curvy singles. To help you realize what kind of girl you are looking for, here are some important pros and cons of curvy .


  • They worth much more than their looks. The problem with so many skinny singles and good-looking girls is that many doors open for them just because of their appearance. They are easier acceptable by society and that’s why they don’t need to put much effort to win someone’s attention by other personal qualities. This is the reason why curvy women usually have better personalities: they are more intelligent, have a better sense of humor and know, how to look neat.
  • They won’t bother eating (and feeding you) plain salads. Most probably she likes good food. And she knows how to cook it. She won’t spend the whole evening counting calories in her salad, but most probably she will share a romantic dessert with you.
  • If she is curvy, that doesn’t mean she is not beautiful. In fact, curvy girls know more about makeup and fashion styles than thin ones. Nowadays, there are so many plus-size models and you should agree that most of them look even prettier than ordinary models.
  • She is nice to hug. Hugging a curvy woman is never like a fit, masculine one. She is very comfortable to hug and you will obviously enjoy cuddling with her.


  • Curvy women are not for fat-phobes. If you’ve never liked plump girls, better don’t start dating them at all. As we said before, physical appearance is quite important, so don’t force yourself dating someone, who you didn’t like at the first place.
  • Your friends and relatives may judge you. Until your social circle would realize that your girlfriend is actually a great person, you and your relationship may be judged. And not only by society, but even by your friends and relatives.
  • She may be not very active. It might seem like a stereotype, yet, the statistic shows that most curvy women don’t actually like fitness and physical exercises. So, if you are an active person, it might be hard for you to find common interests regarding any activity. It may come even in some little things like preferring to stay home instead of going for a walk together.
  • Her self-esteem is very low. Curvy women are usually pretty shy due to their low self-confidence. However, it could be changed pretty easily, if you are going to treat her right.

Considering all these pros and cons you can decide is curvy dating okay for you. And if you are sure that you want to this type of girls, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Androidand find her online!

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1 thought on “Dating curvy women: pros and cons”

  • I appreciate certain bits
    of your article. As a curvy yet propornate woman who is also beautiful and active, I find many of your points to be unsettling. I believe your heart is in the right place but your mindset is strange. My thoughts bring me to ask a simple question. Should a curvy beautiful woman really need an article to convince men that she is worthy of a try? Personally, if a man must convince himself to give me a try, then I wouldn’t be interested. I’m simply not that pathetic. Food for thought.

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