Conversation Topics for Seniors

Conversation Topics for Seniors

Practically all seniors know that there are a lot of conversation topics to avoid on the first date, and still some people over 40 may be wondering what to talk about? The best way to break the ice is to say a little joke. The next step is to ensure that the conversation is not one-sided – neither you nor your date should be doing all the talking. Remember that you can always ask questions like “What was the food like?” to draw your date out.
Here are five good topics for conversation that will help you discover some interesting things about your date and find out some interests you share in common.

  • Hobbies and things that you do to make you happy. Maybe it’s a pastime like history or knitting, or maybe you volunteer at the local hospital. Your discussion about favorite authors, books, plays and movies can be a great way to discover your shared passions.
  • Traveling and places you have been or would love to go. This doesn’t have to mean exotic international destinations; it could mean a great resort in cottage country two hours away that you visited.
  • Favorite foods. This is a great way to find a common ground for a potential future meal together. You may just discover that your date loves Japanese food as much as you do.
  • Sports and fitness. This is another good way to discover commonalities for a future date. Imagine planning a picnic where you can walk for a mile together and enjoy each other’s conversation, while taking in the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
  • Family and kids. Tell some words about your kids and grandkids, but be cautious not to blather on and on about them. Remember that the purpose of the date is for you and your date to get to know each other – not each other’s kids.

Do you best to find out something new about your partner, but don’t be sad if you end up with someone who doesn’t let you get a word in or keeps silent all the evening. You will know whether or not you want to give them another chance by going on a second date.

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4 thoughts on “Conversation Topics for Seniors”

  • before i go on a date or invite a man on a date i make sure that he’s as crazy as I am! otherwise I do’n do that 🙂 but if it’s ok for you to talk about trivials then go forth! 🙂

  • talking about foods can be rather interesting, especially if you have once tried some exotic meals! of course, this may make your mouth water, but in this case you may easily coll on some cafe, eatingtogether is fun 🙂

  • i’d talk about the fears a man had in childhood and laugh together, ask whether he’s ready to eat a bug or has he ever had his had shaved, if not could he o it foe a bet! 🙂 this is a way funnier!

  • it once happened to me. i said ‘ i like riding a bicycle and do it ….blah-blah-bla’ and told him about placed i ride to and things i see there. not much, but enough to provoke some reaction. and in the endi got ‘oh, i see’.

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