Celebrating World Environment Day with 10 Romantic Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

Celebrating World Environment Day with 10 Romantic Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

Planning a summertime rendezvous? In honor of the World Environment Day, we’ve rounded up our favorite eco-friendly that will bring a breath of fresh air into your relationships.

If staying indoors in city bars or movie houses doesn’t appeal to you, here are ten alternative eco-friendly ways to spend the day with your loved one. After all, what can be better than trying something different while doing good for the planet?

1. Have a picnic away from the city fuzz and buzz


Choose a picturesque location you’ve never been before, grab some organic fruit, wine, cheese and relax with your sweetheart on a blanket under the sun. If you’re feeling adventurous, go hiking or even camping and enjoy nature and each other’s perfect company all day long.

2. Stargaze under the Milky Way


Leave your phones at home and spend an hour or more gazing at the night sky. Hold each other close, enjoy the splendor of the universe and don’t forget to make a wish when you see shooting stars.

3. Enjoy a romantic bike ride


Nothing strengthens relationships better than exercising together. But instead of going to the stuffy gym, choose bicycles and ride through your park, neighborhood or around the city. The fresh air and gorgeous sceneries will make your date truly memorable.

4. Visit your local market and cook a delicious dinner at home


Take your sweetheart and spend a morning wandering through your farmer’s market to get the freshest ingredients for a meal. Smell, taste and get inspired by natural goodness. Get home and turn on your creativity while cooking a delicious dinner for two. Add a bottle of organic wine and enjoy your meal that honors our mother nature.

5. Plant a tree or create a small garden at your place


Plant a tree in a park or arrange a small garden in your own backyard. Adding green to your living space is a great way to spend time together and support the environment.

6. Head to the beach and share a beautiful sunset


If you live by the ocean or a lake, bring a blanket, picnic basket and of course, your sweetheart for a romantic beach date. Take a refreshing swim, sunbathe, plan your next summer vacation trips and share a beautiful sunset together.

7. Dance, dance, dance


How about hot argentine tango, salsa or playful swing moves? Sign up for a lesson and enjoy the intimacy of dancing together. Whatever style you choose, couple dance is sure to bring you fun, romance, and a deeper feeling of partnership and cooperation.

8. Feed the ducks


Feel like going back to cheerful childhood days? Then gather your stale bread and feed ducks at a local pond. Bring along drinks and fresh sandwiches and have a picnic next to the water.

9. Try horseback riding


If you’ve never tried horseriding, you don’t want to miss this amazing experience. Choose a sunny day and plan a get-together on horseback. After all, what can be better than galloping in sync and feeling the wind blowing through your hair?

10. Volunteer


Volunteering does great things for your environment, your community, and yourself. There’s no reason why it can’t also be the background for a romantic date, and if you’re already an eco-friendly couple, this is a great option for you two.

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