Best Romantic Ideas for You and Your Partner

Best Romantic Ideas for You and Your Partner

Want to spend a romantic evening or just to pleasantly surprise your soulmate, but don’t know how? We’ve carefully gathered the best romantic ideas to spend time with your life partner:

  • Remember to tell your partner how deeply you love him/her.
  • Walk in the rain holding hands.
  • Let your soulmate choose the movie you’ll watch in the evening.
  • Make a relaxing massage using special flavored oils.
  • Prepare a playlist of your favorite romantic music.
  • Throw a surprise party for two.
  • Buy a cuddly toy for your sweetheart.
  • Read each other’s love horoscopes.
  • Create the lists of top 5 or 10 things you love about each other.
  • Read them aloud in your special or secret place.
  • Make a tattoo with your mate’s name.
  • Go camping and don’t forget to prepare romantic evening food and take a bottle of wine with you.
  • Take a shower together.
  • Send a huge gift basket full of his/her favorite chocolates.
  • Decorate your bed with flowers and hearts.
  • Decorate your apartment with flowers or rose petals leading to a romantic dinner table.
  • Spend your evening watching an old black and white movie with a huge bowl of popcorn.
  • Role play your first date
  • Buy two tickets to a special exciting event.
  • Brighten your partner’s day with a warm unexpected hug.
  • Buy something your partner has always been dreaming of.
  • Send an email just to say “You are special.”
  • Give your one and only a bunch of balloons.
  • Surprise your partner by serving breakfast in bed.
  • Wash and wax your lover’s car and leave a romantic note there.
  • Plant a flower together.
  • Leave a tender message on voicemail.
  • Rent a bridal suite in a hotel, just because.
  • Play snowballs like teenagers.
  • Spend the evening looking at the bright night stars together.
  • Take your partner to the place you have never been to before (a new restaurant an amusement park).
  • Do all household chores together.
  • Put your favorite candy in your partner’s pockets.
  • Take a car and go to a drive-in movie.
  • Record your voice love confession for your partner.
  • Hide love notes in his/her coat pockets.
  • Surprise your one and only with a sweet kiss on the neck
  • Treat each other with unexpected compliments.
  • Feed each other with your favorite ice cream.
  • Have a picnic on the floor of your living room.
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