Arranged Marriage? Why Not?

Arranged Marriage? Why Not?

What are the main reasons for us to get married? Most of us will definitely say: “love”. But do you know that, according to Robert Epstein, the research psychologist, who have studied arranged marriages, the love feeling in such marriages gradually evolves and becomes stronger with time passing by. When at the same time couples who were inspired to put on their wedding rings only by a strong feeling of love become remote after 2 years of their marriage. But why does it happen? Why is the rate of the first marriage divorces remains so high? The explanation appears to be quite easy. Unfortunately, the spark of the first bright feelings fades away very quickly. And oftentimes we realize that there is nothing more to keep us together with our significant other. While choosing a partner being directed not only by emotions, but by our common sense can prevent us from such disappointment in future. Sometimes love and passion has nothing in common with real partners’ compatibility and this is the harsh truth. Of course, arranged marriage seems to be something savage in our western society, but at least there is a rational kernel. We don’t try to persuade you to practice arranged marriages, of course not! But at least we all can learn something from them in order to avoid a bitter disappointment in future. Love your partners, cherish them, share their interests and support them at any hard moment of their life. This is the only way to make your marriage happy and healthy.

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7 thoughts on “Arranged Marriage? Why Not?”

  • A love marriage is a union of two parties based upon affection and a mutual attraction between the individuals. In many situations it’s a term opposite to arranged marriage and forced marriage.

  • I think it would be better because it starts with the assumption that love is not the only thing holding the marriage together. Though, I hope that in my case love and wellbeing will go together.

  • Neither love marriage, nor arranged marriage can guarantee a successful marriage and happiness for the rest of your life… but it is more likely to find all these things with love marriage, as it is YOU who decides to take the step to marry your partner and not others who decide over your life and future.

  • hmm, I’m really surprised to learn that statistics and experience of eastern people has shown that it works much better than love marriages.

  • yep, I agree – it’s very logically based. But hey, people! We are not the representatives of the Eastern civilization, we live here in US. I’d like to look at you if your perents said they have already chosen a husband/wife for you! What are you all talking about?

  • They call their marriages happy because they are. So many studies have been done on arranged marriage by now that I’m surprised its’ not common knowledge that they are often at the very least content, if not happy.

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