Are We Compatible?

If you feel that it’s high time to settle down and finally choose a life partner you are probably worried if he/she is a right person for you. Of course, nobody wants to make a mistake, nobody thinks of a possible break up when getting married. But unfortunately according to the statistics the number of divorces is constantly increasing.Why does it happen? In most cases people are just blinded by the spark of a strong feeling and hope that it will last forever. Actually, it won’t. There are much more elements that make a relationship of a married couple happy, and I should say that love here is not in the first place.
In most cases love comes after a marriage if all other important elements are in their places.

So, before making any decisions ask yourself:

Do we share common interests? What is about our life purpose?
This question sooner or later will emerge for everyone who has been in a relationship more than 10 years. The most disgusting disadvantage of a love spark is that it always disappears. And what will be left then? Do you want to realize one day that you are complete strangers who share one bad?

What is my partner’s attitude to other people? How does he/she treat them?
Be careful, if your one and only doesn’t treat others with respect and gratitude. This is a clear indicator that one day you will be treated the same way. One of the most important qualities in a partner is willingness to give not wanting anything back. And if he/she shows his/her disrespect to those with whom it’s not necessarily to be polite for example with waiters or cleaners etc. you should really reconsider your relationships with such a person.

Do you hope to change anything in your partner after you get married?
Believe me, people don’t change after marriage. If you hope that after the appearance of wedding rings on your fingers your life partner will become more attentive, supportive, reliable, generous etc. you are mistaken. Choose a person who is compatible with you right now.
So, if you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that there is nothing left between you, listen not only to your heart, but to your head and your gut feeling as well.

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  • Family experiences strongly influence our attitudes and behaviors (e.g., communication patterns, dealing with conflict) in future relationships. Gender role expectations (who’s expected to do what), communication patterns, lessons about relationships, and dealing with conflict or stress are all shaped by our family experience.

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