Americans Have Little Idea about 10 Commandments

Americans Have Little Idea about 10 Commandments

The topic of the Ten Commandments turned to be very controversial for American people. 43,831 users of Meetville (dating app to find the right person) gave answers to the question “Do you follow the Ten Commandments?”. The survey was held from 6/18/14 to 8/18/14 and the results deserve further discussion.

The balance in responses looks like: 52% – No, 48% – Yes. Amazing that we found out that practically same percentage of men and women chose both variants. So, 64% of male answered “Yes” and 68% – “No”.

Rick Walston, Professor of Columbia Evangelical Seminary, thinks that most Christian people do not really understand the point of the Ten Commandments. They don’t realize that the Ten Commandments were never given as a set of guidelines to live by. They were given to show us our utter failure in the eyes of God.

Most of 43,831 respondents live in the USA – 63%, 12% are from Britain, 7% – from Australia and 18% – from other countries.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, explains the results: most of our voters live in modern society, and can easily choose their religious beliefs and life principles. Some of them still prefer to follow the Ten Commandments just because it seems the right way to behave. Others don’t believe in God and ignore everything connected with religion and Bible.

Meetville, a leading mobile dating service, regularly conducts research among its users. Millions of people from the U.S., Canada, Britain and Australia answer hundreds of questions every month. You can find the results of the poll here. If you are interested in research on a particular topic, please contact us. Any reprint of the material should be followed by clickable links to the survey.

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