A Little More about Profile Pictures

A Little More about Profile Pictures

Let’s take a look at the profile pictures which seem to be one of the most important components of any dating profile.

Smiling is the best way to attract people
Did you know that women are much more likely to smile in their profile pictures than men? By the way female online daters who make eye contact with the camera enjoy greater popularity and get much more responses from other users.

At the same time women confess that they are more attracted to men who don’t smile on their profile pics.

Phone/webcam shots suck
No one will argue that there is a great difference among the pictures made by a professional photo camera and your mobile phone, but amateur pictures still work when it comes to online matchmaking.

Photos without faces have no responses 
It goes without saying that profiles with quality pictures get more responses and we are likely to write someone with a nice pic where it’s possible to clearly make out the person depicted. But those users who have really shaped bodies and show their legs or six-packs without their faces also have tons of messages.

Therefore, we seem to know everything about online dating and its laws, there are still too many unexpected facts and strange regularities which make our dating process even more exciting and unpredictable.

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  • if you have nothing to show except for your legs, hmmm it’s just weird. I won’t defunitely start communivation with the man who has no appropriate profile picture. So, you have a six pack, o’k this is great, but hey, man – I’m not interested in your shape peculiarities when I haven’t even seen your face!

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