6 Things to Never Do in Trying to Attract Women

6 Things to Never Do in Trying to Attract Women

Oh the terrible things that men do that end in dating disaster — there’s a long list of them for sure! So many men try so hard with women and it ends up being their demise. If you want to attract a woman it’s about what you do and also about what you DON’T do that will help to win her over. If you want to get that first date then there is a list of things that you absolutely must avoid.

Men tend to come on too strong sometimes and that’s a surefire turn off, but what else is considered to be common mistakes? At the end of the day you need to be sure that you focus on her and quit making it all about you. This takes a little attention, the right approach, and a willingness to actually get to know her before you leap on her for a date. If all else fails, then avoid these common pitfalls that will make women run for the hills.
These are the things NOT to do with women if you want to attract them and get a date.

1. Be cocky: No woman out there likes a cocky guy, so quit putting out that front. Confidence is fine and is actually a good thing, but cockiness is a huge turnoff. It’s fine to be self assured but if you brag or focus only on what makes you so great, then she will definitely not be interested in you.

2. Badmouth your ex or previous relationships: No woman wants to hear about how terrible your ex was. She also doesn’t want to hear about your dating past or how many partners you’ve had — none of this is appealing to her! So while you may think that putting your ex down shows your readiness to date her, she will walk away without question.

3. Focus only on her physical attributes: Quit staring at her chest and sizing her up with your eyes, she does notice it. Look her in the eyes, smile at her, and keep the focus on her as a person. If you focus in on the physical attributes only, even if you think you’re being subtle, it will leave her uninterested and likely even put insulted and annoyed too.

4. Talk only about yourself and never listen: Take a breath and quit taking up all the talk time. Sure she wants to get to know you, but she also wants to see that you’re actually interested in getting to know her too. It’s a give and take so learn that from the beginning and as you talk about yourself, be sure to ask her questions about her and actually take the time to listen.

5. Try to be somebody that you’re not: Don’t try to be into hobbies that she’s into that you know nothing about. Quit trying to be the intellectual type if that’s so not you. She will see right through the smoke screen and this will backfire and act as a turnoff. Sure it’s easy to get sucked into trying to be a different person, but it’s never going to be of interest to her.

6. Assume that she’s into you without even getting to know her: Every woman needs to feel important and that’s where you take your cues. Don’t just assume that she’s into you because you buy her a drink. Take the time to really get to know her and show some interest before you go any further. This takes time and attention and it will turn out to your advantage if you invest that into her.

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