5 Things to Consider when Dating with Depression after a Breakup

5 Things to Consider when Dating with Depression after a Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do, no matter who you are or what the circumstance may be. It’s never easy to recover after this sort of relationship loss, but it’s particularly hard when you suffer from depression. Whether it’s diagnosed depression or just feeling in a vacuum of loneliness, you can easily give into the negative when dealing with a breakup.

If you are somebody that suffers from depression in any form, you want to mentally prepare yourself for a breakup. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t trust the person that you’re with, but you do need to find a way of coping that you can turn to when you need it. Considering this sort of support can help you through a breakup, and any other life event that brings stress and upset to your life. It’s not easy to make it through a breakup, but it can be done if you consider what you really need.

Think Through What Will Help You and Use It to Help You Move Forward

If you find that depression overwhelms you, particularly after a breakup then here are a few ways to cope and to move towards better days ahead.

1. Allow yourself time to grieve the loss because you’ll need it: Yes you will get back on track and yes you will move towards happier days ahead, but you first need time to grieve the loss. If you don’t allow yourself this then it will come back to bite you. This isn’t giving into depression, but rather giving you time to cope and therefore to grieve the loss. Yes even breaking up can be a loss of sorts, and you need time to process and work through those feelings. This truly will help you to move forward in a much more productive and positive way.

2. Finding a good support system is invaluable: There is so much merit in a good support system and network and you must find yours. It may be a formal support group or it may just be a good friend or family member. Find somebody that you can trust and talk to, and that will help you through this loss. Everyone needs support, particularly when working through a breakup. There’s no shame in this, and truly everything to gain.

3. You need to find something positive to focus on to give you hope: There is hope for better days and relationships after a breakup, and you need to find something positive to keep you motivated and strong. Think of what helps to keep you going and use this as that positive fixture that you can use in your life. Be honest with yourself about what helps you to feel positive, and then utilize it when you are ready to get back on track. Only when you are ready will this work though.

4. You need to find ways to stay motivated and strong so that you stay afloat: Some turn to meditation, some turn to therapy, others turn to exercise. Just as you need to find something to make you feel positive, you also need to find ways to strengthen yourself. There is something going on mentally and emotionally, and finding that way of keeping yourself motivated is important. It comes in a variety of different forms, but in the end it’s your catalyst for moving forward in a really positive and cohesive way. So find it and utilize it!

5. You may need to find an outlet or way of venting in order to move on: Think of what went wrong in the relationship, but at the same time talk through it. Work through what you didn’t’ like in the relationship or what upset you can help you to build strength. You don’t want to dwell on the past, but you do have to give it some attention to ensure that you move forward in a positive way. Utilize that positive outlet, vent about the problems and the feelings that you had, and then use this to strengthen you and allow you to move forward in a really positive way—then you will see that there are great things ahead.

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