5 Things to Avoid in That Precious First Month of Dating

5 Things to Avoid in That Precious First Month of Dating

Once you get past that first step of dating, it’s all smooth sailing, right? You start to feel comfortable around each other, and so it makes for a great transition into the relationship. It is this type of thinking that can literally kill a relationship before it even has a chance to get started. That first month of dating is precious time and must still be treated with care.

You’ve made it past the first couple of dates and the anxiety isn’t there anymore. You are starting to really like each other and you want to build on that progress. Though it’s a time for getting to know each other and being happy, that first month of dating also comes with some things that you must pay careful attention to. If you want to make it work, then here are the common things you absolutely must avoid moving forward.

1. Don’t try to put pressure on next steps: It’s a natural inclination when things are going well that you start to ask about next steps. If you feel really happy or you are sure that this is going somewhere, you may even start to put pressure on the other person about moving forward. Avoid this mistake at all costs! You don’t want to put any pressure on the situation, particularly early on. Just let it be and live in the moment!

2. Never move your stuff in or assume the status of the relationship: If you want to keep things going strong then avoid the inclination to move in together. You’re in that “honeymoon phase” of the relationship and so you want to enjoy every minute together. This is all new and you still need to get to know each other, so this is not a time to assume what you are with each other. Let it all play out and don’t go towards moving in or spending every moment together for it can be dating sabotage.

3. Avoid introducing them to your friends and family early on: Though you may be smitten with each other, don’t start the process of introducing them. It’s still far too early to know if things will last, and you don’t want to get hopes up. Just enjoy each other and get to know each other, and introductions to family and friends can come later on if things work out.

4. Don’t focus too much on your past: As you are getting to know each other, avoid the common pitfall of telling them everything about you. Sure they know you have the past, but don’t dwell on it. If they have questions, it’s okay to answer them, but this is not the time to dwell on lost love or bad exes either.

5. Don’t lose the sense of excitement or get too comfortable: Do keep the romance and passion alive. Try to keep the excitement going strong for it always goes away too quickly. Take the time to enjoy each other and be at your best and never give into being too comfortable with each other. This is a time to shine and to let them do the same, so embrace it and enjoy it now!

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