5 Secrets To Sending Flirty Texts To Your Crush

5 Secrets To Sending Flirty Texts To Your Crush

You want your crush to know that you’re into them, but you just aren’t sure of where to start? How can you send the best possible texts at this stage? It’s truly a balancing act, but you want to be sure that you consider both ends of the spectrum.

Here are a few helpful hints of how to get them interested, flirt and have fun, all the while keeping them interested for the next time they see you.

1. Do leave something to the imagination: Sure you may be flirty and fun, but you also want to leave something for them to learn later on. Just as you don’t want to tell your life story on a first date, the same sort of philosophy holds true for your texts.

Have fun, let them learn fun little facts about you, and then leave it at that. This makes them feel intrigued but also helps you to win them over in the end when they truly want to meet up again.

2. Have fun and keep it light: Texting can be a really great way of conveying your thoughts and feelings. Have fun with it, but don’t put anything too deep out there. You can’t see their reaction and that’s not usually a good thing.

Try to remember that keeping it light and fun is the end goal and you’ll be just fine. This can put a smile on your face and do the same for them, and that’s what texts are all about at this stage.

3. Don’t say anything you’d be embarrassed about later on: Sure there is a tendency to want to get a little flirty and talk about physical things. Though you can do this within reason, you also want to be sure that you don’t put too much out there.

Never ever put so much out there that you could potentially be embarrassed later on. As a general rule of thumb don’t say anything over text that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in person just yet. This will always work to your advantage.

4. Be slightly mysterious: Never put all your cards on the table! This is a great lesson within in general, but most especially on texts. You want them to feel compelled to figure out what comes next. You want them to wonder what you mean or what will happen when they see you.

Ultimately you want your texts to be interesting and to build excitement through a bit of mystery. This keeps them coming back and ensures that your texts are effective, both of which are quite important here.

5. Build excitement for when you see each other next: You want to make your text work for you in the most profound way possible. That means that at the end of it, they should be excited to see you. They should read this text and immediately feel that they need to meet you and they want to see what’s next.

This can be that physical urge, but it can also be mental and emotional as well. The excitement that you build can be short and sweet in the text—and that can often work better for you in the end anyhow!

Try to keep in mind that this is not about giving them too much, but rather leaving them wanting more. If you can remember that and make your texts work for you, then they will be so excited to see you and therefore the best is yet to come in this building relationship.

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