5 Relationship Advice We’ve Learned From ‘Friends’ Series

5 Relationship Advice We’ve Learned From ‘Friends’ Series

‘Friends’ is one of the most iconic shows on television. We were growing up Chandler’s jokes and following Ross’ and Rachel romance till the end. And we should all agree that ‘Friends’ has taught us many valuable lessons. Especially, when talking about .

Here we got 5 relationship advice we learned from ‘Friends’ series, which we should remember for our whole life.

It’s okay if you don’t have a plan


Not everything in life should be planned. It’s okay if you don’t have a plan right now. Just enjoy what you have right now.

Be clear what’s ‘being on a break’ really means to you


There is a difference between being on a break and breaking up. Better make things clear right away, so that no one would get hurt. Or at least ask your partner directly before sleeping with someone else.

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You can fall in the love with the unexpected person at the unexpected time


Monica and Chandler have a very long history together. No one would expect them to become a couple and even get married. Though, there is always a way for true love. So don’t underestimate people around you 😉

Your ex can be your friend


Rachel and Ross are a great example of how you can remain friends, even though your break up was harsh. If you can remove sexual tension between you two, there is nothing else standing between your friendship.

Be there for your friends. No matter what


Whether you are in a relationship or not, never dumb your friends! Friends will always love you and support you. So show them that you would do the same!

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