5 Great Things To Focus On When You Don’t Know What To Say To Her

5 Great Things To Focus On When You Don’t Know What To Say To Her

You feel like you clam up whenever you see her. You don’t know what to say or how to act around her, but this negativity can really work against you. Though you may feel unsure at times or the nerves may get the best of you, it’s important to always keep the conversation flowing. She wants you to be confident and know just what to say to her—and now you can take control over the process once and for all!

It’s actually not as hard as you might think, for it’s simply a matter of knowing what to focus on. There are some topics that automatically evoke conversation, and therefore they are great areas to focus on. There are some ways to get her to open up to you without you even trying that hard. It’s a matter of learning to read her body language and then responding to it with the way that you talk to her. This is where you have to be in tune to what her personality is, but that comes with practice too. You really can be a master of conversation and get her to open up with you, and it’s time to do just that!

Here we look at some of the best things to focus on if you feel overcome by nerves or you want to ensure that the conversation is alive and well on that date.

1. Get her to open up about something that is important to her: Try to understand what her family is like. Talk to her about something that she is involved in that seems to be important to her. Go off of basic information here and tune into what makes her tick, and then center the conversation around it. You can figure somebody out by listening and then customize the conversation so that it entails her and a good open dialogue between the two of you—it’s a great ice breaker!

2. Talk about your surroundings and find some humor in it: Sometimes just talking about the environment you are in can open up the flood gates. Find something interesting or humorous by doing a quick survey of the room and then use this as a conversation starter. If you can find humor in it then that’s an added bonus, for most women absolutely love a man that can make them laugh!

3. Talk about her work or what she does to get the conversation going: If she is career focused or has an interesting job, then use this as a starting point. You can quickly tell if she doesn’t want to talk about work, but it’s a great way to get started with striking up conversation. You never know until you try and the reality is that talking about how you spend most of your life can lead to some interesting observations about each other.

4. Ask her what she does for fun or in her spare time: Don’t make it sound creepy or like a pick up line, but it’s a great way to get a glimpse into who she is. Talk about hobbies, interests, or just fun things that you both like to do. This is a great way to find similarities between the two of you and it can even help to set you up for a successful second date.

5. Be open, honest, approachable, and admit that you are nervous for it may put her at ease: Above all you want to put her at ease while you also work through your own nerves. That means that you are open and honest and easily approachable, and it also means that you own up to being nervous. She will see you as sincere and that can go a long way with a woman. Don’t let this come on too strong, but do show that you are a normal guy that she is likely interested in.

There are some great things to focus on which will put you both at ease. You never know until you try and here are the very things that can help to open the floodgates and to get the conversation flowing.


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