5 Considerations to Dating Your Coworker

5 Considerations to Dating Your Coworker

You hear all the time how dating a coworker can be a negative thing. Though it is generally frowned upon or even strongly discouraged in certain companies, it can be done. If you can both come to an agreement upon your relationship in the first place, then you may be able to find a happy medium and make it work. The key is though that you must work together and ensure that the private details remain private.

You should think twice before dating someone at work and be sure that it can work while you still keep your job. For most of us there is a need for the job to come first, and that’s a hard balance to find. If you find that there is some love interest though with somebody that you happen to work with, there are some important things to think through before you jump right in. This is a delicate situation and if you can find your balance then you can make it all work together.

Before you begin dating somebody in the workplace, consider the following to ensure that it doesn’t end in personal and professional disaster.

1. Learn how to be discreet and never make it inappropriate: The key to making things work in the workplace is to be discreet. That means that both of you are on board with a relationship that isn’t broadcast. While some may know that you are dating, it’s not a main focus. You are never affectionate or obvious in the workplace, for that’s when tensions start. You keep it all separate and are discreet about your relationship status overall. You both must agree to this!

2. Never make your relationship a problem in productivity: It is when the two of you are making “googly eyes” at each other rather than working that things go badly for everyone. Never allow your relationship to be an excuse for you not being productive. Make your focus on your job the first priority in the workplace, and ensure that you both agree that it should never interfere with being productive or successful.

3. Be sure that you are both on the same page about communicating things: If you’re broadcasting the details of your love life on Facebook and he wants to keep it low profile, then you will have a problem. Both of you need to be in agreement about what you communicate about your relationship, particularly as it relates to work. Remember that always and you never have to worry about intimate details getting out to your coworkers that you will be embarrassed about later on.

4. Keep the personal life separate from the professional life: When you’re at work then that’s your main focus. You need to both find a way to be professionals in the workplace and then enjoy personal time outside of work. This is a fine balance that takes work from both of you, but it’s an important one nonetheless.

5. Be sure that there is no conflict of interest whatsoever: When it begins to become a sticky situation is when there is a potential conflict of interest. Be certain that you never encounter this and that neither of you report to each other or hold any power over another. You never want to be criticized for being unfair, so be sure that you have thought this point through in advance.

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