5 Most Common Things Cheaters Use as an Excuse

5 Most Common Things Cheaters Use as an Excuse

When you catch your partner on cheating you feel broken and disoriented. It may sound shocking but it’s even better when you know it for sure. If you’ve noticed some signs or have found something that makes you realize your partner might be cheating on you, these thoughts start breaking you inside. And the worst of all is when your significant other is trying to lie or manipulate you.

Once the cheater is caught they try to somehow fix the situation and minimize the damage. It’s not always because they truly want to keep the relationship with their partner at the same level, but because most of them tend to be defensive when it comes to their actions. So, here are 5 the most common things cheaters use as an excuse when they are caught.

“It was just sex”

By saying that your partner tries to minimize the pain. But it doesn’t really help. Even if it was only a physical connection and they never had any mutual romantic feelings, it still breaks boundaries and trust in your relationship.

“It never got physical”

This is an opposite excuse to “just having sex”. The cheater claims that if it never got physical it wasn’t cheating at all. But it is. For most of the people, an emotional affair is even more serious than physical intimacy. The fact that your partner has spent time with someone you don’t know, make you feel as vulnerable as any other kind of cheating.

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“It didn’t mean anything to me”

The cheater admits that what he/she has done is wrong but at the same time still trying to smooth the situation down. Saying that it didn’t mean anything is a lie, of course, but what your partner is trying to say is that there were no romantic feelings and it was a mistake that he/she regrets a lot.

“It will never happend again”

Trust me, it will. And even if the cheater truly regrets what happened and will never do it again, would you be able to forgive him/her? The statistics show that if a cheater was forgiven, they feel free to continue their affair.

“It never happened – you’re insane”

Most of the cheaters think that they’ll save the situation if they’ll pretend like nothing actually happened. What even worse, some of them not only pretend to be innocent but make their partners feel like they’re crazy and jealous with no reason. Gaslighting is a very popular form of manipulation by making someone doubt their knowledge and reality.

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No matter what he/she tells you, you should understand that if a cheater has cheated once they’ll do it again. So, you should decide what to do next: forgive the cheater or end this relationship forever.

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