4 Tips for Successful Dating As a Widow

4 Tips for Successful Dating As a Widow

There are some times in life when moving ahead can be difficult initially. As a widow you may feel as if your whole world has collapsed around you. When you have lost a spouse it’s particularly difficult to consider dating again, and you need to give yourself time to adjust and cope with this loss. For many widows though, there comes a time when they feel ready to move on and to find true happiness again.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t miss your beloved, but it may mean that you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. More than likely you don’t want to be alone and so when that time comes to move on, it can be a very welcome thing. To find true happiness within dating again as a widow you may want to start slowly. Take your time and don’t put any pressure on the dating process to truly enjoy it and get the most out of it.

Dating as a widow can be a very unique thing. It can ensure that you enjoy life again and that you find happiness that you need to move on. If you ease into the process and focus on what you really want, you can find love and happiness again as a widow when it’s truly time. Here are a few things to keep in mind along the way.

1. Give yourself time to grieve and focus on your future when you are ready: Every widow needs to adhere to a grieving process. There are no rules to how long this is or what it involves, and so it’s a very individual thing to go through. Give yourself time and don’t rush into dating or moving forward in this capacity. When you allow yourself that time you can be sure that you have coped with what has happened to you, and that you are then ready to look ahead. This gives you time to prepare for a new chapter in your life, and to enjoy it for all that it can be.

2. Focus on friendship and companionship first to help you settle in: So many widows will agree that focusing on the friendship and relationship development first will help. If you go into the process focused on a relationship or a future, it may scare you off. Let yourself start by building up a rapport and really get to know this person on a friendship level. Many great relationships start at this level, and it can allow you to have the time you need to adjust and look forward when you are ready.

3. Focus on the type of person that understands your background and can help you to move forward: It’s not to say that widows need to date those who have also been through a loss in their own lives, but there should at least be a compassion and understanding from the other person. Be on the search for somebody who understands what you have been through or at least has an appreciation for it. Many of us have kids or spouses from our past, and so finding somebody in the same sort of walk of life can be quite helpful. The more that you narrow your search to reflect this, the better off it will make things for you in the end. This will lead you towards greater success and a better likelihood at finding the right person for you to move forward with.

4. Enjoy the process and try to make it a positive way of moving forward: Take it one step at a time and make it an enjoyable process. Go in with an open mind and a willingness to find joy in all of this. You have been through heartache and now it’s time to start again and to hopefully find love. Be positive and try to enjoy the process for it can help you to renew again. You just might find love again and enjoy happiness that you never thought possible!

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