4 Things Men and Women Really Want to Hear From Each Other

4 Things Men and Women Really Want to Hear From Each Other

Think that men and women are really so different? Though they may very well be different on certain levels, the fact remains that both have certain things that they want to hear from each other. Don’t believe it? Well when you break it down, both men and women like to be praised, complimented, and made to feel that they are interesting and contributing towards something bigger.

There are certain things that men and women want to hear when they are in a long term relationship that can help to validate them. There are other things that they may want to hear to entice them or get them interested in the other person. In the end everyone wants to feel important, loved, and that what they say and do matters to somebody else. We all need a bit of positive reinforcement sometimes, and that’s universal and goes across genders!

So no matter what stage of the relationship you may be at, you can win over your partner when you utter a few simple words. This is a great way to show interest, to reiterate interest, or to help take things to the next level. These are the things that men and women always love hearing, no matter who they are or where the relationship is at.

1. Oh wow, you really did that well! It doesn’t matter who you are, you want to feel accomplished. You want to feel that somebody noticed that you did, and that you did it well. So men and women alike love to hear a bit of praise, particularly when it’s well earned. This isn’t to say that this should be overdone, but a little well-placed praise can go a long way so remember that compliments like this are huge.

2. I love spending time with you! This is sure to bring a smile to your face whether you are a man or a woman. Hearing that you are enjoyable to spend time with is a surefire winner. It makes them feel cherished, loved, admired, and that their presence is important to you. So when you are enjoying some time together, even just cuddling remember to mention it.

3. Tell me about yourself. This can really help to take a first date from good to amazing. It’s human nature that we all like to talk about ourselves a bit. When you give somebody the opportunity to tell you about who they are and what they’re all about, it’s a great way to get into their mindset and win them over.

4. I’m here for you, talk to me. Letting somebody know that you are there to talk to them and that you are happy to support them is a slam dunk. It shows that you support them, respect them, and that you want to help them through whatever is troubling them. Everyone needs somebody to lean on, and telling them that you are there for them is a great way to get a smile and to show them just how loved they are. Both men and women need this sometimes!

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