4 Signs That He’s Mr. Wrong

4 Signs That He’s Mr. Wrong

You hear it all the time—women that feel like they were deceived by a seemingly good guy. They had no idea that he was just not what they expected, and so they aren’t really sure of how to move on. How can they be sure to prevent this from happening again? Ultimately how can they be sure if a guy is just “Mr. Wrong”? It seems like a loaded question, but in the end it’s easier to see than you might think.

Sometimes he may have a really good game if he’s a player and it may be harder to detect. There are some telltale signs and then some instances where you have to trust your instinct. Though you may have to fight the urge to fall head over heels, you want to maintain a clear head early on to see what he’s all about. More times than not, this type of guy will inevitably show his true colors and tell you without a doubt that he’s just not the right guy for you! If you need a little help, here are some things to consider which will help you along the way.

1. He just makes you feel bad about yourself: It may be a bit more indirect than you are used to, but something about him makes you feel bad. He may have little snide remarks or rude comments that ultimately make you feel negative about yourself. He should be building you up and supporting you and the minute that he puts you down or makes you question something about yourself, that’s when you can tell he’s not the one. A good guy should build up your confidence and make you feel cherished, so it pays to remember that and avoid just the opposite.

2. Your instincts tell you not to trust him: You can’t really identify what it is about him, but there is something that tells you that he is not trustworthy. You feel like he’s nice enough on the surface, but inside there is a voice screaming that you can’t trust him. Listen to it—for there is usually something behind that voice! He may be cheating, he may be playing you, or he may just be looking for something other than what you want. In any case if he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that you can trust, then run away.

3. He seems too “on” or pulled together: Does it always seem as if he’s too pulled together? Does he always seem on top of his game? The type of guy that seems to almost have everything rehearsed is usually playing you. This type of guy is used to doing things this way and so it becomes an inherent part of who he is. If he doesn’t seem natural or down to earth then there may very well be something else at play. Be aware of this and ensure that you protect yourself if this guy seems too good to be true—he probably is!

4. Your gut is telling you that things are not what they seem: Always trust your instincts because they will never lead you the wrong way! If your gut tells you that this guy is not what he seems or that something is amiss, then you are likely right about it. We can’t always tell what the reason is for our instincts telling us to run away, but there is something behind it and you just need to run with it. If things don’t seem right or you are second guessing him, then forget about it and move on—better earlier than later!

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