4 Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

4 Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

Do you find yourself wondering if he’s into you at all? Does it seem like one minute he’s hot and the next minute he’s cold? Do you long for a meaningful relationship with the right guy? If you’re tired of feeling stuck in a relationship that seems like it’s going nowhere, then it’s time to look for the signs.

Everybody finds themselves in a relationship where things just seem to come to a standstill. Worse yet though is that some women will keep up with the relationship with a guy that clearly isn’t into her, rather than being alone. To find true happiness you have to be willing to look at what’s really going on. You have to really take a long hard look at what this guy is bringing to the table, and then be ready to move on if he’s not showing you the interest that you deserve.

Here are the surefire tell-tale signs that he’s just not that into you. If you see one or more of these then run for the hills so that you can find what you really need and want.

1. He just doesn’t seem as available as he once did: He used to be totally into you and made plans with you all the time. Now he always seems to have something else to do. No matter what the occasion or how far in advance that you plan, you just can’t seem to get him to commit to spending time with you. Though he may always have the perfect excuse, his lack of availability should concern you moving forward.

2. He doesn’t maintain eye contact or seem engaged when you are talking: You’re talking to him and you may as well be talking to a wall. He doesn’t seem interested in what you are saying or as if he’s really listening. Even when he does talk to you, he’s not really looking you in the eyes. This usually means he has something to hide and therefore you should stand up and take notice. A lack of eye contact or seeming to trail off or not really listen to you is never a good sign.

3. He will always give you excuses for things: It may be that he didn’t call you when he said he would. He may have skipped plans with or ditched you at the last minute. Maybe you were supposed to go on a trip or do something special and he bailed.

Though you are left hurting, he has the perfect excuse for everything. He knows how to sweet talk you, and if it seems rehearsed then you are not the first woman that he’s done this to. He may very well be a player if he’s doing this often and can come up with some well thought out excuse for why he flaked on you or hurt your feelings.

4. He seems like he’s always in search of something more and is not content: When you’re out somewhere he’s constantly surveying the room. He can’t seem to sit still and always seems as if he’s in search of something. He is antsy, anxious, and fidgets. He may be uncomfortable because he doesn’t know how to end things with you.

He may even be seeing somebody else and he’s afraid of hurting you. No matter what you have to be aware that his uneasy feelings and lack of happiness in the situation with you means that he’s already moved on, even if just mentally.

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