4 Signs of a True Gentleman

4 Signs of a True Gentleman

Many women wrongfully believe that there are no true gentlemen left. This isn’t true and most certainly doesn’t have to be the case. You may be very happy to learn that there are some true gentlemen left in this world.

You may have to look a bit deeper and search for some telltale signs, but they are out there. In the end, if he shows that he cares, then you have a good guy who is definitely a gentleman in a constantly changing world.

1. He genuinely cares about how his woman feels: A gentleman cares about how his woman feels at all times. He doesn’t want to argue with you, and if he sees you upset he wants to help. He wants to pitch in and somehow make your life better.

He wants to be seen as a positive light in your life, and therefore he shows effort and this goes a long way with you. Though the way that he shows that he cares may be somewhat subtle or understated at times, there is absolutely no mistaking this how he feels. You are a lucky lady!

2. He comes to the rescue but in some subtle ways: You know that you can count on him in a pinch and that goes a long way. You may be having a bad day and he has a way to cheer you up. You may be struggling with a certain problem, and he’s there to help you through it and support you.

He wants to come to the rescue but the ways may be a bit more subtle in today’s world. If you know that you can count on him or that he supports you, then he’s a good guy and definitely a gentleman.

3. He makes the effort without being forced to: You don’t have to force him to do things for you, but rather he just takes it upon himself to do. He very naturally puts forth effort because he believes that’s how you treat the right woman.

He is interested in you and he’s going to show you that. He doesn’t want to come off as too nice but he definitely wants to put forth the right amount of effort to sustain the relationship on his end—and he knows that you will do the same so that’s rewarding for him.

4. He uses some of the “old school” good manners in a modern way: He wants to be the one to initiate contact or a date early on because he believes that’s the right thing to do. He wants to show you that he cares and this is evident through his mannerisms and the way that he carries himself.

He will hold the door for you, he will plan some of the dates, and he is looking for a partnership. He isn’t going to come off as a conceited jerk because that’s rude. He cares about what you think and therefore he is going to do his best to showcase his best manners and behaviors in a modern society for it truly does matter.

Yes, there are some gentlemen still left out there, but you just have to find them. The guy who makes effort and truly cares about what you think is the guy who really and truly does want to be a gentleman in a modern world—and therefore he’s a catch that you should enjoy every minute with!

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