4 Common First Date Spots That Men Pick and What It Says About Their Feelings

4 Common First Date Spots That Men Pick and What It Says About Their Feelings

You might wonder why all men seem to come up with the same dating ideas. Do you feel like you’ve been on the same first date a million times over? It’s not just your imagination because the typical first dates tend to resonate throughout many men’s minds. Though you may feel unsure as to why he selects the places that he does, there is truly a reason behind it. He feels that these are the best possible settings to get to know you and to feel comfortable on the middle ground.

He wants the first date to be a success, and in his mind these places ensure that. They are neutral enough to make you feel open and ready to get to know him. They aren’t anything outrageous in terms of cost or planning, and yet they make a good first impression. He feels that his reputation is on the line here and, therefore, the sooner that he can set a good venue, the more that he feels he will win you over. Though these may not have been your pick, you have to know that he has put some great thought into it. You have to know that in his mind, this leads to a wonderful first date.

Go into the date open minded and know that he was very thoughtful in selecting the location that he did. It’s not always easy for a guy to put himself out there though you may think that you are the only one with nerves going into this. See what this date could be all about, appreciate that he put forth effort, and know that even if this isn’t your particular interest, there is always the second date if things go really well here tonight.

1. A nice dinner out: He thinks that having a nice dinner with you shows that he really cares. He thinks of this as a great way of bonding or enjoying great conversation. He may try to make reservations at a nicer restaurant because he feels that this shows that he’s trying to impress you. He also may think that you expect it though most women are just as happy to eat somewhere middle of the line. Though a meal may cause a woman to go into anxiety mode, men feel that this is a great entry point to have conversation and enjoy some food together. This really isn’t a bad idea and it is very traditional, so it works.

2. Movies with or without a meal: Who doesn’t love to see a movie? He may try to find middle ground in terms of the movie selection, but he knows it’s a hit traditionally speaking. Seeing a movie also gives you something to talk about afterwards and so it can serve as a wonderful conversation point. Be open to this and suggest it with a meal of some type if he asks for your insight. It’s a nice relaxed setting and can take some of the anxiety out of the first date.

3. Coffee house: It’s relaxed, it’s neutral, and there are plenty of other people around in this very public place. It’s a little bit more intimate than having dinner at a big restaurant. He suggests a coffee house for a first date so that you can see if you two connect and want to go on a future date. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker there is certainly something you can find to drink there and it offers a great spot for conversation so his idea is a good one.

4. A bar or club you can meet up for a drink: It may not be your first pick because then you worry about losing control. Just keep yourself in check for his idea of meeting up for a drink at a bar or club is not a bad one. Just keep it short and sweet, and be sure that you don’t overdo it with the drinks. He may want to share an appetizer and a drink and get to know you without the anxiety in things, and therefore, it’s a natural choice that men tend to gravitate to.

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