3 tricks to get more matches on your dating app

3 tricks to get more matches on your dating app

You’ve been on an online for a while now but still wondering why no one texts you first? Nailing your online isn’t easy but we are here to help! Use these 6 easy tricks to get more matches on your dating app and finally meet someone special.

Tip #1: Choose the right photos

Nothing is more annoying than a bad quality picture in an app. Though, even if your photo is bright and clear, it’s not always enough to catch your future match’s attention. There are a few ground rules to make this photo work for you:

  • be alone in the photo
  • don’t wear sunglasses and don’t hide your face
  • use photos to show your personality

It’s always great to match by common interests and life goals but let’s be honest, most people make their first impression by a 1-second glance at your profile. So if you want to make your profile more attractive, take more time to care about your profile photo.

Tip #2: Actually write something in your profile

It might seem like an annoying and time-consuming idea but it will actually help you a lot. Personally, I got tired of all these “Hi, how are you?” first messages and never actually respond to them anymore. Though, if someone would ask me something or on a topic connected to my interests, like “Did you enjoy your trip to Iceland?” or “Tell me more about this book you are reading” I would definitely want to respond to that. So, if no one is texting you first, maybe it’s time to check your profile and actually write something in there.

Tip #3: Be honest but not rude

Mentioning your preferences in dating is never a bad thing, In fact, it may help you to narrow your potential matches to those who you’d really like. Though, always try to do it in a polite way. For example, writing “No fat chicks” or “I’m not dating black guys” is not only rude to these people but will most definitely scare your potential matches away. If you still want to highlight your preferences, just write something like: “My dream girl is a cute blonde with dark eyes who likes rap music”. When your type will see that, they will definitely let you know.

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With all these little tricks you are ready to start your online dating journey! And if you still haven’t find the right place to look for your match, don’t forget to visit our mobile version or install Meetville app on Android right now and go on a date with local singles!

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