3 Effective Ways to Talk to a Man and Get Him to Talk Back

3 Effective Ways to Talk to a Man and Get Him to Talk Back

It’s the age old question that plagues so many of us as women — just how do you talk to a man? How can you talk to him and actually get him to open up and talk to you? How can you find a way to talk to him that intrigues him and gets him to want to learn more about you? Though it sounds like a tall order, it may not be as challenging as you might think.

The key to talking to a guy is to get into his mindset. You need to think like a man for that moment and talk about things that interest him. You also want to leave something to the imagination, a sort of leave behind that gets him to want to approach you and learn more. This may take a bit of practice, but you’ll amaze yourself when you have him ready to chat it up.

So no matter what stage of the relationship you may be at, or if you simply just want to get him interested through good conversation, here are some helpful ways. You will master what makes for good conversation with men and learn more about him than you ever anticipating — that’s a win-win in the relationship world!

1. Find a way to talk on his level: You want to learn about him and show that you put in a little prep work to do so. Observe him if you have the opportunity, and at the very least learn to talk about things that interest most guys. Talking about sports, current events, business issues, or other areas that may be hobbies or interests for him are great conversation starters. He’ll love that you are taking a vested interest in him, and you will master what it means to talk to a man on his own level.

2. Talk to him and be sure to listen: Men don’t want a woman that’s just going to drone on and on about issues that he doesn’t really care about. Find a way to talk to him and not just jabber away at him — there’s a huge difference! Yes, you need to talk and he wants to learn about you, but also take the time to listen to him too. Many men will notice this right away because you understand the balance of talking and listening, and you will surely stand out because of it.

3. Be intriguing, captivating, and leave a little mystery when you talk to him: A little humor and positivity can go a long way. So can a bit of mystery that makes him desire to learn more about you. A carefree, fun, and intriguing conversation will make him want to talk to you and open up the lines of communication moving forward. Always leave a bit to the imagination and it also makes him work for it a bit, which is always a benefit and a way to get him hooked too!

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