3 Clear Signs That He’s Totally In Love With You

3 Clear Signs That He’s Totally In Love With You

You want it to be like something that you would see in a movie. You want to be able to tell with fireworks in the sky or a beautiful sunset, or some other magical thing. Being able to tell if he’s really in love with you may seem hard, but if you pay close attention then it might show itself. He may be trying to tell you something and you’re just not picking up on the signs.

Men aren’t necessarily going to spell it out for you as they are often afraid of rejection. He may not even realize that he’s in love with you yet, which further adds to the complication. If you want to know if he’s totally in love with you and if there’s a future with him, then you have to look at his behavior. You have to pick up on what he’s saying and cue in on the subtle details. Knowing what he’s trying to say without him ever saying the words may give you all the answers that you need.

Here are some classic ways that a man tells you that he loves you. In the end you may have your answer long before he’s even figured it out for himself.

1. He works very hard to make you happy and to help you to feel good: It seems like he concentrates a lot of effort on making you happy. He seems to get great joy from making you happy and therefore it makes you both feel good.

This isn’t a one way street at all, for you both put forth effort but he does so in a way that you have never seen before. He’s totally into you, and when you’re happy he’s happy — and you feel like a queen! This is the way it should be and you are loving every minute of it, so let it happen.

2. He talks about the long term and you are a big part of his plan: Not only is it difficult for him to talk about the long term, but he seems to enjoy it. You see a certain sense of happiness in him as he talks about future plans, vacations, or even the future state of your relationship. Some men surprise themselves with this stage as they have never been here before with anybody else!

He really enjoys being with you and so talking about what the future holds for you is nothing that you have to pressure him into. He’s perfectly content and confident in discussing future possibilities with you, and he loves how much joy this brings you too.

3. He is content to spend time with you and puts your needs before anything else: Sure he still likes going out with his friends and he’s still a guy, but he is also very happy to spend time with you. It’s never an argument to make plans or do things together, but rather it feels like a partnership. You both trust one another and feel confident in the other having plans alone.

However he is content with just a quiet night in or a night out on the town with you, and it’s never an issue or an argument. The guy that wants to spend time with you is smitten and he already loves you, even if he doesn’t realize it just yet.

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