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I'm fun loving, intelligent, charasmatic and ready to meet someone to share everything with. I work in the hospitality industry but when i'm not at work i'm trying to find a way to enjoy life. I love to try anything new at least once because you never know what you like until you've tried it. Going out with friends or staying in and relaxing are my 2 favorite things and I feel it's important to have a balance of the two. For music I usually listen to pop, love 80's and 90's, and even some of the 50's but I'll give anything a chance. I'm an avid reader and always have a book on hand, currently finishing the game of thrones series. I enjoy tv as well, some of the current shows I watch are How I Met Your Mother, Go On, B* I would be happy with a simple date of dinner and drinks


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    Never married

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    Spiritual but not religious

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    Yes, socially

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    Yes, regularly



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  • Zelophehad


    Man. 29 years old. Zodiac sign: Aries.

    Looking for: man. In age: 26-36

    I am a 28 year old professional guy with a career. I am an educator in an elementary school where I am committed to what I love...children and teaching. I am mature. I don't play games and I am not looking for drama. If you think you can handle it...then make the effort. If you are looking for games and immaturity...MOVE ALONG.

  • Haniel


    Man. 27 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: man. In age: 24-34

    I\'m sarcastic, determined, playful, affectionate and am always striving to better myself. I like to think that I take good care of myself physically and I\'m looking for someone who does the same.

  • Logan


    Man. 27 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 24-34

    Ima put this one out on the top line, mainly because i am tired of the people saying they want to have a relationship, and then dont give in....We will talk/text for hours on end 5+ hours a day 5+ hours a week.I swear to god! I get led on so easily to showing my affection for someone!Im not going to lie, I probably am a clinger for all i know (lol i cant tell as I really havent had a long relationship yet with anyone), I do need to text daily or bi daily, heck, just four text messages a day is fine with me. Im easy going, Really I am! I am myself when around people as much as I can be lol. I do love when you text me first, shows that you are thinking/caring about me. (big plus).I am not a controller one bit, I am the exact opposite. I prefer you to go do whatever you feel like doing, but just let me know whatcha doing.I put myself last alot of the times. Im not one to get angry at anything, I just wish people would treat others with respect as the world doesnt do that. ;)I dont live near anyone and i dedicate my self all the time to go out seeing someone hour and half+ drives! But im tired of dedicating myself to seeing someone 3 times a month(it comes around bout that many times lol), to them asking me to be their bf, (or vice versa) to me saying yes, to them not coming to see me ever, texting me back all the time making sure i made it home safely, to a dead stop a couple days later, and wont respond to me ever again. I am sorry that if your wanting sex in the two meets that I have with you and I dont give. Im looking for more! sex (which is not everything to me but is good ;) lol) is much better with one person than a random one ;). PLEASE be a dedicater!(big plus) and let me know why u wish to no longer talk to me or see me! Just tell me you wish to be just friends! ill understand! :P lol with this all said Hopefully you will all know what I am looking for and now I will tell you a little about myself: ;)I am a very funny annoying nonstop active person to which many people seem to like, i turn any bad situation into the best possiblity of a good outcome to make people laugh no matter how bad it is. Even if it means to make fun of me.I am a very competitive (VERY, if im like having no chance to beat a guy, i will try anyways :***person, i will give everything/anything a 100% and am not a sore loser, *** learn from losing to better myself. Being made fun of is a good quality of mine as i do stupid things all the time,(very well at making accidents), im there to make it come out good it seems in laughs, i am one to say anything before it comes through my head... lol it sometimes comes out at a bad time to where i apologize with a laugh (seriously lol).I am a very responsible person, I may seem like a kid a good amount of the time, but I'm a type that loves to be a kid at heart, and do not want anyone telling me to grow up. I know when to be an adult, but i prefer to feel younger and gift the younger ones with knowledge for things such as bowling. I have more straight guy friends then gay guys and straight/gay women put together... lol If we were to have a first meet, i will probably be very shy, not saying many words. Unless your with my friends or your friends, then youll get a good view of who i am :D haha. I Love Any kind of music to the point of where thiers screaming to where you cannot understand what they are saying(you could see me runnin on a treadmill getting into my music to where i could almost fall over cuz of not payin attention :D ). Bowling is a thing that i do on my spare time, its what i love :D. I am now on my second year into college as it has been (what i think) my only major mess up that i didnt do in my past. I wouldnt mind having a kid, but 3 would be the limit for children :P. But I am also one that dont care for having a kid... Haha would just be nice to be able to teach them sports when they grow up, as i love my sports, or to take them on trips/ long ass bike rides... or just laugh at the silly things they do in thier life :D. Please feel free to hit me up if you feel like there maybe a future for us. I am very open to talk about really anything. UPDATE: I passed my accuplacer for college and waiting for acceptance to thier college!! WOOHOO!. UPDATE: I turned in my fasfa and now waiting for May 3rd for Smart Start Session to sign up for classes :D. UPDATE: i am sounding like that guy from Americas most wanted? i think? lol. Good Job and please send me a message telling me that you read it all (lol). If you made it to the end of all my random talk !. :PUPDATE!! End of first year! :)Programming Logistics***% -Intermediate ***%Networking Fundamentals***%Microsoft Office ***%College Mathmatics 92%Systems Analyst ***%Implementing PC Security ***%Web Principals ***% I would probably would like to go somewhere where i have never been, maybe you have, for a first try.... Or would like to go where neither one of us have ever been. I like to learn new things all the time. and getting to know a person more, would be a great learning experience to me by having them go places and do stuff they have never done before lol. Or hang out with my friends, or your friends out somewhere... to me, your true self comes out from hanging with friends and thats what im out for, for a relationship :). Maybe a cup of coffee somewhere or something like that would be a good first date to me as well. Im trying to keep typing here, because my chances go up the longer i have this paragraph, so this website says :D hahaha

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