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Shaunna, 45


About Me

I am a fun loving, extrovert who loves her friends, family and animals. I like going out for nice meals accompanied by fine wine and even better conversation. I like to travel and have many places that I still would love to visit. I enjoy cooking, reading, and sports.--it's the summer place to be! I am also a career minded person who values a good work ethic. My work involves helping those who are less fortunate, which is extremely rewarding. I value honesty and loyalty. NOT looking to "hook up"-- Looking to CONNECT with the right person.


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    Never married

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    Spiritual but not religious

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    Yes, socially



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  • Saffie


    Woman. 45 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: man. In age: 42-52

    I'm a mom to 3 well rounded, well adjusted teenagers. My life is balanced between spending time with my children; either socially or watching their sports, loving my profession and all that goes with it, daily workouts, spending time with friends and travelling.I am always up for a road trip, and especially like to explore new faraway destinations. I love to laugh and am passionate in being the best person I can be, while having a caring attitude for all people in general. I definitely live for today while being aware of the future.I am looking for a partner who we can share common interests together. I would love to travel with my partner; I love to cook and entertain friends and family, and would love to have someone cook for me. I enjoy going to concerts, sitting by a bonfire on a summer's night, sharing a bottle of wine and conversation or enjoying a cold beer by the BBQ.

  • Leann


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    UPDATE>>>>-)You know,it would probably save us all a lot of wasted hours on dates if when we first meet,we kissed *** going through a whole bunch of hrs on a date only to find out that we're not attracted to one another.If when we meet we DON'T want to kiss each other..Game over...end a goofy thought ;-).I am single have 2 boys and run a small organic farm. I enjoy anything to do with the out doors.I live simply,modestly and frugally.I love live music,concerts,festivals and camping.I want someone who wants to be outside a lot.I am very easy going and drama free...I have found that what interests me most are the men that are super kind,patient,sweet looking/acting(bad boys need not message me) and truly are interested in getting to know me. I am a good person and I'm just looking for what most everyone else is looking for .Willing to travel to find it.I have come to this conclusion about how I would date in the future.I have children,but you will probably never meet them unless we become something serious,meaning we will have had to be dating for quite some time..I just feel it's very irresponsible to introduce your kids to someone who may not be there long term and I have just about every weekend free so there is no need to involve them.I enjoy a vast amount of activities and I am open to just about anything except sitting in front of the tube watching tv for days on end and watching someone play video games for the same amt of time.Surely there are better things to do that don't involve electronics and I love it all.I am not a couch potato and am very active.I would love to meet someone who has the same thoughts about these things as I do.I found this excerpt online somewhere and had I not read it,I may not have ever "got back in the game".I think it pertains to most of us on here so I'll share :-)The heart is not safeLove is not safe. Relationships are not safe. It is not safe to give your heart to anyone or anything. But, you didn't come here to be safe. You came here to live and love. You can not live and love and protect your heart at the same time.If you truly love animals and fill your life with pets, you will have to watch them grow old, get sick and die. If you have children, you will have to watch them be hurt by others, fail at some things and perhaps they will get sick and die before you do too.People leave, break promises, fall short of your expectations of them, lie, cheat and are often weak. And even if they behave perfectly, it may hurt you that they go off to work without you each day. Friends sometimes move far away. Life cant be controlled. The ego is very easily disappointed and disturbed by change. The problem is not that people are so full of character defects nor that life is so unpredictable. The problem is that so many humans think they can protect their hearts and still love. But this is impossible.Love is about taking down the fences from around your heart knowing that not only is it possible that you may be hurt- its a guarantee. This tiny little protected "self" is definitely going to be hurt no matter what. Even if you pull back and put yourself on the bench- still, there will be a long dull ache from withholding from what you came here to do.Love is the greatest sport in the world and like most sports you're gonna get dirty and have some injuries. But, what fun to get off the bench and get into the game!! Remember, you didn't come here to be an observer. You didn't come her to be in the audience watching from the stands. You came here to play. The only thing that's different is that in this game there is no competition, no winners, no losers. This sport is about exercising the heart- the love muscle.So, sometimes you may need a little time out to sit on the bench and get your knees wrapped and have a few sips of water and catch your breath. That's cool. But, don't sit too long. Don't let yourself get stiff and cranky. Get back out there and feel the thrilling rush of playing. The little self is never safe, but the real you can never be hurt.. I am easy going...someplace public.

  • Kitti


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    I am looking for friendship to start and then a possible relationship with the right guy who would fit in with my family. I would like to meet someone in my area who would ideally have weekends off like myself, because it is very hard to get to know someone if you can never meet up. I do like lean and mean geeky bookish IT types of men with or without glasses. My mate would also have to enjoy travel, as I do. I speak three languages but English is my preference.-generation Italian-Canadian - all one hundred pounds of fire and spit. No I do not bite.I like cats, ice cream, geeks, travel to foreign lands, hockey playoffs, eighties one hit wonders, and camping and not always in that order. I afford vacations to Europe in summer and Caribbean destinations in winter on my own, AND I have travelled to several US and European destinations by myself on vacations and enjoyed those trips immensely. No fear. I have a well paying job, a ***SUV, and a house with no mortgage. If you like attending hockey games and concerts, well then we will get along just fine. . . not to mention all the shoe shopping (hey this girl loves Italian high heel shoes). No smokers please. Okay, I think a first meet would be required before a first date, but I am usually quite harmless on a first date and some suggestions would be coffee date, walk in the park, or heck come with me to get groceries. I also will go see any movie on the planet, as I go to the theatre so I can enjoy some of that bad for you artery clogging popcorn anyway. Love that stuff.

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