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Claudette, 47


About Me

.... "mine would be you."Hello... ** Update: as of ***~ I have been smoke free for 10 days! Yay me!!Probably my biggest caveat is that I am somewhat shy, to start with. I can be a little on the quiet side until I have a sense of who I am dealing with. lol. If that would bother you, then I'm probably not worth your time. It is part of who I am and not likely to change anytime soon. However, with that said, if you don't really take the time to get to know a person, and allow them to reveal their "layers" to you, then you will have no true idea what treasures lie beneath the surface!... btw, quiet does not mean not fun!!Here are my top reasons I would be your best "girlfriend" ever:~ You will be proud to have me on your arm when we go out in public. I am no fashion-model and never will be, but I still take pride in how I look. No sweatpants and slippers going out in public… unless it’s 11 o’clock at night and I’m going to Walmart by myself, where I’d blend in anyway. =P~ You will be proud of me on the home front. I enjoy helping you with projects around the house and yard, and don’t mind getting sweaty and dirty. It all comes off in the shower anyway, so I can pretty myself up again. ~ I desire to support you in your dreams and goals. ~ I will be respectful and supportive of "you" time.~ I will do my best not to nag and complain… try to keep small stuff, small stuff. ~ I will do my best to never roll my eyes at you, because I will respect you and your feelings and opinions. Maybe not agree, but respect. ~ You can trust that I will be honest with you. Always. ~ Our personal life is just that, personal. I won't be sharing every detail with my girlfriends. ...except the amazing things about you, of course!~ You will see my smile much more than my frown. =D Yes, I have my days, but life is meant to be happy and fun. Just don't be my reason to not smile. ~ I am the primary source of my own happiness. Sure, I want that giddy happiness that comes from falling and being in love. Why wouldn’t I want someone who “makes” me happy and affirms that to me?? But in the end, I am more responsible for my own happiness than you are. You are just a bonus… icing on the cake. ~ You will be nicely surprised when I kiss you passionately at unexpected times and in unexpected places. ~ If I commit my heart to you and yours to mine, you will never have to guess how I feel. When we have made that commitment, I will make it a priority to show you, not just tell you or expect you to know. You will rarely hear the words, “I’m not in the mood.” =) Nuf said.~ The top reason: I want to share my heart and soul with the "one" I love!I am adding the "disclaimer" that I am a work in progress. I am not perfect... just like you are not. I have my insecurities and vulnerabilities the same as anyone else, and ask that you be the type who can be accepting of them and loving someone UNCONDITIONALLY. ...And not have some silly, preconceived notion that a couple should be able to communicate without ever having disagreement or seeing totally eye to eye, etc.; or have a "cookie cutter" outlook on what the ideal person should be like! I get that we have our "expectations" or "requirements" that we are looking for, but you have to be somewhat open to seeing who a person is and where they are "at." Love means accepting someone where they are and being willing to work on and talk about the things you disagree about. You may possibly come to see things my way and vice versa... or maybe not! But if that person loves you anyway, and is willing to move heaven and earth to be with you and make things work... that's what matters!! I have taken a huge self-assessment of the things I could have done better in my marriage and in my personal life and have done my best to improve myself and what I can bring to a relationship. And I continue... one step at a time; putting one foot in front of the other... moving into the future, leaving the past where it belongs, behind me. Please be ready to leave your past behind you, too! I may not be all dazzle and sparkle, but I AM bright, I am real and I am me: A loving and caring woman who wants to give her best for you and to you and love YOU unconditionally... and desire to let you know "there is no one better out there for me!"A woman will go hard for a man she cares about ...But even harder for a man she knows cares about her ...Pow!! And she drops the mic!!!Thank you for stopping by... Wishing YOU an amazing day! =) Open for discussion, but I really like a guy to take the lead in that... tells a bit more about you in seeing what you come up with; how you "take charge."


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  • Keighley


    Woman. 48 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 45-55

    First of all I am NOT A BIKER OR LIVE THE BIKER LIFE STYLE... What I am looking for is a relationship with my best friend my lover and my companion,,,, I have never been a cheater I am not a bitter lady I have a heart of Gold and have a lot to offer the right man I am a Christian woman who loves the Lord with all of my heart I want to find a mate who also loves the Lord and understands without him we are nothing... I do not want to exchange naked pictures or talk dirty or meet up for sex .. I have done the picture thing on here only to feel disgusted with myself and ashamed ....Sometimes we have to learn the hard way Trust me I have learned...Don't get me wrong I am not a ice queen at all i love to be held and loved as much as the next person but I am not will to compromise my self ever again. I am worthy of being loved and as long as i do not lean to my flesh I believe God will honor me when I honor him... Ok with all of this said come the fun A little of what i am looking for and would love to find... i am a very down to earth woman love Animals , babys and old people.. I still have alot of life left in me and would love to find that One special Man God has for me in my life,, I love familey and friends BBQ's Rhodeo's and fun family type of fun looking for the same,,Going out on the town and dancing or something once in a while would be fun.. I am not a drinker or looking foor a drinker.. I want to find a man who we can go work in the yard, or build something work on the house and laugh and smile while we do it...cook dinners and snuggke up in frount of a fire place on a cold winter night...Share thoughts share hearts and share life with.. ... I love kids all of um and if you have a hurd of them the more the merrier I am most comfortable in Jeans or overalls during the winter and sun dress's during the summer... I have had all money can buy at times in my life and have to say Moey cant buy happiness or Love I have been more happy making a big ole pot of beans hamhocks and corn bread sharing with loved ones than any fancy resteraunt ,,, God has given me the ability to love completly open and honestly we did not get to be our age with any baggage and I understand this but Please take the time to sort through it and be ready to move forward to a new life a new start clean and clear heart ... My life is like the old Dolly Parton song..(( Bargin Store)) ... lol... A huge thing as well in my life is the Lord I Love him with everything I am .. and have to have the same in a mate.. I am not a person who crams God down peoples faces or preaches to people ,,,I am a love being and I try each and every day to live pleasing to God.... I am a nut I love to laugh , play and joke after all if we cant laugh at our self's we shouldn't laugh at others..... I love to work and not scared of getting dirty ...i am excited about this new venture in life and it has some land so I can finally have a few horse's and If you are for real and would like to get to know each other better please feel free to contact me... God Bless you on your search...xoxo drink a diet coke ...who really know depends on the one ya meet.. Please NO Gamers liers or smooth talking Jerks who look straight in your eyes and lie ! Hearts are real and hearts get hurt!... I do not expect a man to pay my way I am very comfortable going dutch... As we all want someone to love and best friends with it takes time... with this said God Bless all of you on your new life and the ultimate goal of love...xoxo

  • Charisma


    Woman. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Aries.

    Looking for: man. In age: 46-56

    Hello, Well I've been divorced for a few years and it is now time to pick up, brush off and move forward. I am very happy and content with my life and love my kids, but they are grown now and don't need momma as much, so that tells me this is a great time to have some fun and find a good man.Ok, here are the rules. I'm curvy and I like it that way, if you want a stick, I'm not your girl and I'm just fine with that. I'm fun and funny and can hold my own with just about anyone. I've grown a lot in the last few years and I feel healthy and happy mentally and physically. I'm looking for someone to laugh with and hang out with and hopefully be a better person with. Coffee, lunch or dinner. Having good conversation is a plus.

  • Cara


    Woman. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 46-56

    i am a mother of 4 children and most of my life has been my children..i really don't have alot of hobbies but i do like to go to the movies or out dancingi am an ole fashion gal that would like to be treated with respect and to laugh and make others laughi like most music...just depends on the mood i am in at the time i am someone that don't expect too much on the first date...that is the time to get to know someone and see if it is what we both are looking for in friendship and possibly more...i like to have my door open for me wherever he may take me...i do like to go to the movies and possibly out to dinner....or even just go to the park for a picnic and watch the sunset...

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