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Into fitness as I am a trainer & work all kinds of hours training & teaching group fitness classes, so when i do have free time i want to enjoy it. I'm pretty straitforward and tell it like it is. Not into games and i've learned by being on this website you're open to all kinds of them. I hope you at least kind of have your life together cuz i'm not looking for someone to take care of. If you're looking for just a hook up don't bother messaging cuz i won't answer. And if you're not the person you portray yourself to be remember if you do meet up with someone they are going to see who you are offline. Sounds hard i know, but it is what it is. If you don't take a chance you never know but it really would be great if it started off on the right foot. That being said i do enjoy life and spend alot of time with family and friends. I'll try anything once and always have a good time. Its the people not the things that make my life. Hoping to meet someone to enhance it, not make it for me. Basically i'm looking for someone to spend time with who enjoys spending time with me. If you're looking for a grown up relationship and think you can handle this shoot me a message and see what you get. If not good luck fishing and i hope you find what you're looking for. As for a first date, coffee or a lunch. If there's interest on boths sides then we can take it from there.


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  • An


    Woman. 50 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 47-57

    I am looking for a man who is tall, self assured, handsome and adventuresome (that's not a lot to ask for is it?) uh huh!!! I love someone who makes me laugh because I genuinely like to laugh. It's part of the secret to what I believe is an essential element of a well rounded relationship. Wit and intelligence are a definite plus and navigating through life with the glass half full is also very attractive. I'm really appreciative of the finer things in life and understand the hard work it takes to get there. Someone who is self driven is extremely appealing because I am very much the same way. I thoroughly enjoy life and take the good and bad in stride. Good genes and positive attitude help and I look for that in a partner. I've traveled all over the world and believe it is the best education that helps make one well rounded. I miss it and love to go back as much as I can for my coconut Kanaka fix! Being active and staying fit is important to me so I appreciate someone who wants to take care of themselves (actually it's a must). If you don't like your body, who will? I really like an energetic lifestyle. Golf, skiing (water & snow), snow boarding, roller blading, boating(fishing), camping & biking are a few activities that make me happy........way too cold here. (Hmm....I sound a little like a brat princess!) I will teach my boys how to surf soon since they are now taking the easy way out with body boarding. Guess I've got to woman-up and face the artic!Enjoying a gorgeous sunset with a glass of champagne and playing kissy face is definitely a plus. Fine wine, singing and laughter are an everyday part of my life so if you don't like a nice glass of wine or libation of your choice it probably won't work . I am very social and can talk to just about anyone. I appreciate someone who is dynamic and most importantly, charismatic. It's very attractive if can you interact socially, genuinely like people, are very comfortable in your own skin and NOT intimidated by a strong self-assured woman. Some men like to be in complete control over someone so if that's your MO, please keep going. I love to entertain, cook and adore the ambiance of a quaint restaurant, especially with the right person.I have two gorgeous boys 13 & 14. My boys are everything to me. They are top in sports and I'm really proud of them. I hope to meet someone who loves children. I've found that usually someone that has had children "gets it". We have a beautiful Golden Retriever who is 3 but still a my eyes :) Their father takes them every other weekend so that does give me time for fun getaways. I'm not looking for a father for my boys, they already have one. A few of the most important qualities that I seek in a partner are excellent character, integrity and substance.....Very difficult to find but I'm sure it's out there! Oh, News Flash!!!! If you are looking for a "hook-up", flaky, into head games.... (NOT, I won't go there)..... or if you've been recently dumped (within the last 6 months) and dislike the female species due to a deep down harbored vengence that you don't even know exists, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz pass on me, I'm not into rebounds..... OK, one more Foot note: Please don't press the button that say's you "want to meet me" because I guarantee you I won't respond, that's if you've taken the time to read this far. I guess I've put in all the disclaimers, likes and dislikes...LOL :0) The first date should be getting to know someone to see if there is chemistry. Chemistry is very important and if it isn't there then both parties should accept that and move on. Hopefully there will be that special spark that I think everyone is looking for. Oh btw, coffee is a deal killer.. boring :( A glass of wine at sunset would be nice, ambiance is always important. If you're the real deal, then I'm in!

  • Angila


    Woman. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 46-56

    I am fun, energetic, and love to laugh and enjoy life. My family and friends are very important to me. I pride myself in having a great balance between my family and social life. I am especially a HUGE Bears fan whether they're winning OR losing, and would go to a game in any kind of weather! I love dancing, music, and will do anything downtown. I don't let the crowds and traffic deter me from enjoying the city life. I would like to have a fulfilling, trusting relationship with a kind, considerate man. I have a tendency to be a little sarcastic at times. Don't let it fool you, I'm actually a little shy when I first meet people...sarcasm is my defense mechanism!!You have a sense of humor and can turn anything into a fun time. (Nothing is a bigger turn on than a man who can laugh and make you laugh!) You make time to play, but do not "play games." You're honest and kind. ***Update***Things I've noticed lately. A lot of men:-Post pictures of their cars, motorcycles, boats, homes or other possessions. (Let me get to know YOU first, then we can see what you have. I'd rather see pictures of you than your "stuff")-Speaking of your "stuff," please don't send me pictures of it, its a turn off for me. I'd rather find those things out in person ONCE we have gotten to know each other better. Just like in poker, don't show your hand too quickly!! ;)-Like to sext. It's NOT my thing if I don't know you. If that's what you're on here looking for, you can move on. I promise I won't be offended. :)-Send pre-written *** on guys! Think of something original! I've had guys *** than once with the EXACT same *** makes me feel like it wasn't worth it enough for you to just type a simple note. I always try to make my *** by saying something funny, or comment on something you wrote, to make it unique. I would LOVE it if you could do the same.. it shows you're paying attention!-Email me asking about my daughter..........DELETE!-Spell "womEn" when they mean 1 "womAn!" (Just a pet peeve, but not a deal breaker!!) ha!******One last thing.. if you're looking for a "hook up" I am NOT your girl! I really AM looking for someone that I could have a committed relationship with and don't want to "serial date." If you're serious about meeting someone and seeing where it goes, *** That "describe your personality" button is stupid! ;) A coffee shop, or somewhere for a drink.

  • Maida


    Woman. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 44-54

    I'm a easy going, fun loving type of person. Sexy, but not thin. I love the outdoors, I love to laugh, don't take myself too seriously, live in the moment. I'm adventurous and love trying new things. I enjoy the simple things in life, and I'm a low maintenance type of girl. More of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, than the shoe collector type. My family and friends are important to me, but I like meeting new people. Not looking for someone to impress me, I'm just looking for someone real, someone I can laugh with, have fun with, just be myself with. Looking for that someone special, who can be both a lover and a best friend.

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