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I'm a full-time graphic designer and an artist. I'm often found arting around town, both musically and visually, either by myself or with friends; Doing what I can to beautify and inspire.The "Associates Degree" is a little misleading. I actually have a 3-year vocational degree in Graphic Design, plus an Associates in Interior Design. I'm what, we in the industry, call a "cross-platform" or "cross-over" designer. I utilize both constantly.People usually tell me "Wow, you're pretty!... Tiny!" when they meet me for the first time. I get a lot of complements on my eyes as well.I LOVE books! All books. Genre's don't apply - if it looks interesting, I'll read it.Movies: I'm a comedy buff. Love it! Not so big on the romantic comedies, though. As for TV? I don't own one anymore. I have better things to do with my time than sit around being a couch potato.Music: You know how you sometimes meet people and they go, "Oh, I like everything" and then you find out later that they pretty much hate everything YOU like to listen to? Ok, I'm not one of them. Being both a singer and a musician, I like to think of myself as well cultured in this area. I love a lot of different styles - from Alternative to World and just about everything in between, most likely I will like it more than you.I can tell you what I don't like, as that would probably be easier: not big on punk unless I'm in the mood for it. Not a fan of scream-o, and when I say that, I'm not talking about awesome bands that happen to scream like Blindside or whathaveyou. I'm talking about the $hit that sounds like a bunch of highschoolers decided to jam out in their parents' basement without any notion of what it means to play "tight" together. You get it? And hard-core gangsta rap could ...go somewhere other than my speakers. I gotta admit though, there are some songs, like "Gettin' Low" that just make me light right up. There are always exceptions. ;-)You should message me if:+ You're educated and know how to use proper grammar. A college education is ideal.+ You have a sense of humor! Yes please :***You're mindblowingly hot: I mean ridiculously. Don't call me shallow either for saying this - How 'bout you go on a date with a whale who doesn't shave and tell me how physically attracted you were to her. See? Hypocrites. I'm looking for an equal. Don't say "fit" or "athletic" when you have a pillow around your waist. No hippies. I'd never take you seriously. Please have nice teeth.+ You're UNDER 6'0". I'm serious!+ You have a lust for life, a thirst for travel, and drive for success.


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  • Tonya


    Woman. 36 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 20-40

    Hi! My name is Tonya. I am separated other hispanic woman with kids from Adrian, Michigan, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a man, love of my life.

  • Yuri


    Woman. 32 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 29-39

    I don't look at the "Meet Me" section so if you're interested, send a message! Don't be shy... :) And I'm a bit old-fashioned, I like the man to make the first moveI get this question often in messages so here's what I'm interested in finding, in no particular order:One that is TALL (at least 6' and don't hate, please, we've all got what we're attracted to), kind, humorous, attentive eyes (for only me when I'm with him), affectionate, loves to play and watch live sports, wants a family in the future, has a desire to travel, confident and takes charge (without being c0cky), will open his heart to me, will let me spoil him, reciprocates romance, dark haired and clean-cut. Obviously I'm a woman so I can keep going but those are definitely my top picks. ;)I'm a silly girl that is serious when needed. I love to hang out with friends, go shopping, watch movies, ride my bicycle (if you have a motorcyle- even better!), be spontaneous.... to drive to the ocean for the heck of it is something I find normal.I love to travel and have actually been to many places around this globe of ours. I have a long bucket list of more places I've got to see. I like to go outside and play in the mud, suds up and get dolled to the nines for a night out then home to put on sweats and a good movie.Music is my passion and I have a knack for it. Small- but it's there. I could sing karaoke every day of my life but don't get out much to do it. There's not many times when I don't have music on or singing a tune in my head.I'm a girlie-girl that is pretty good at sports and have been known to throw a mean spiral, fastball or fit when I've lost a game... a bit competitive, I am.I take care of myself but it definitely isn't the most important thing in my life. Random stuff: I am terrified of spiders, can swing a hammer with the best of them, have never colored my hair (which is naturally curly), constantly quote lines from movies, don't drink coffee, play the trumpet and only eat movie theater popcorn with sour patch kids.I have an amazing family, great job and adorable dogs... just looking around and interested in finding a guy that I can make laugh and won't take my sarcasm too seriously (vice a versa)- please be willing to jump out of an airplane with a chute strapped to your back.Two favorite songs of all time 1. Stand By Me by Ben E. KingAnd I'm a bit of a lead foot.:) A first date: Game for it all.... getting dolled up for a nice dinner, finding the nearest Go Kart track, a mean game of ping pong (which you might actually lose so please don't be a poor sport), going to a comedy show, taking dogs for a walk (I have 2), etc, etc.PS: If you have a picture of yourself without your shirt on, we probably won't get along too well. A little humility goes a long way in my book.*************************************************************************I'm a respectful girl looking for a gentleman. There is no hook-up in your future with me and I'm not here to play games. If you're kind, tall (I'm a tall girl that has a closet full of heels- sorry, 6'+ is what I'm attracted to), clean cut and know how to look in someones eyes when you're talking- my interest might be piqued. Please be honest and appropriate!I'm an old-fashioned gal that loves her door opened, a flower, a note... though do know I reciprocate and will make your favorite cookies or give a nice back rub!Best line ever from a friend who was opening a door for a woman: she stood back and angrily said, "Are you opening this door because I'm a woman?!" He responded with, "No, I'm opening this door for you because I'm a gentleman". Classic.Let me emphasize this again, message me if you're a GENTLEMAN. ;)And if you're in the military, be proud of it. I'm proud of you!

  • Shellj9Pr


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 35-50

    Fully independent Mama. Only a Son at home now. I am not a paying member (yet) so therefore I can't reply to any messages. . I am Not looking for Fwb And no I won't go to hangouts or *** to actually get to know someone and see where it goes.

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