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"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." It may sound cheesy, but it's goal in life is to leave this world a better place than when I arrived. Actually, I packed up my car, drove cross-country, and moved here in the fall of ***. I came on my own, with no job lined up, no where to live, and not knowing anyone in the area. And, although it's been tough sometimes starting over from scratch, I wouldn't change my decision for the world. Being so far away from my entire family back East is the hardest part since, to me, family is one of the most important things in life. But, I love it here and can't see myself anywhere else!What do I like to do? It's hard to say...but, I try to find a balance. I love watching movies, reading, and relaxing at home, but...I also love going to the beach, taking walks, going to street fairs and festivals, museums, and historic sites/houses/parks, on weekend road trips, and hopefully at some point traveling internationally again.What am I looking for? I would love to meet a man who simply loves me for who I am, nothing more, nothing less. I'm a firm believer in the old adage that it's "the little things in life that mean the most". Hugging, holding hands, and being affectionate are like breathing to me; I wouldn't want to live without them. It would be great to find a man who values family, friends, and community, and is interested in traveling, camping, hiking, and exploring the amazing city and state we live in! I have a lot of places to go and things to do on my bucket list too. What's on yours? I would be really impressed by a guy who has an imagination and uses some creativity to plan our first date. Although I love going out to dinner or drinks as much as the next person, maybe we could do something different, unique, interesting?? Overall, I enjoy fun, casual settings the most. The way I figure it, you're usually nervous enough on a first date, so it helps to do something low key that's fun, and helps you relax.


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  • Darian


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    I keep a very positive attitude with childlike excitement and love of life. I am so VERY thankful for my blessings. Raising my boys' is the most important job I will ever do. I love the brutal honesty, deep conversation, joking around and quality time shared(fluent in sarcasm-all in fun) I keep them young =) Having an insatiable curiosity, I LOVE life lessons, believe in self improvement (each year is better than the last) ALWAYS learning something new. I embrace a challenge(washing my dishes-or carrying my son upstairs) and love the feeling of accomplishment(a clean sink-tight assets;) I give my all (except blood donation) and not afraid to play with power tools...I am "Enlightened", at peace with my past and EVERYONE in my life, as we ALL should be (forgiveness is powerful) I talk to strangers, love to give/help ANYONE that crosses my path. I adapt to my surroundings, making the BEST out of ANY situation =) I am very open and will speak my mind so hopefully you have your big boy pants on and a GREAT sense of humor ;)I believe in self healing. Health is our greatest wealth, without it we cant enjoy our things. Prevention is the key (medical insurance) I feel best keeping a PURE body,(I avoid toxins-processed crapola) I keep a natural-organic "way of life". Borderline vegan; I drink "lawnmower pulp" and juice DAILY (kid tested-mother approved) I LOVE the AMAZING energy, mental clarity-CLEAN well as NUMEROUS other benefits..SAVORING life NATURALLY =) I start my day with a walk/run or cycling outdoors and YOGA. ~Nature is my therapy, laughter is my medicine and an intense workout is MY Happy Hour. I LOVE the FRESH air-serenity, ALWAYS appreciating a beautiful view. I love the mountains, the beach, the sand between my toes, walking in the rain or playing in the snow. I have a vision, I follow my heart and trust my intuition(that gut feeling) KNOWING who I HAVE to meet.~Leading SIMILAR lifestyles yet embracing our differences; WE have a physical attraction with a connection on EVERY level. Developing a friendship, our conversation just NATURALLY flows, stimulating the heart, mind and soul, all in tact watch it grow =)Trust, love and communication are muy importante, it takes TWO to make it work. Give what you want to receive =) Don't judge, never assume. Talking/listening resolves issues(arguing is a waste of fun time) LOVE(no fear) You are my best friend-greatest love. We can do ANYTHING together, SHARING interests, WE make it fun; from preparing a meal, holding hands taking a walk after dinner, enjoying a weekend/day trip-outdoor adventure, or laying entwined feeling that body heat, making the most of our own private time (massages are important) We can talk about anything, be a little silly and ~ALWAYS~ playful (with hugs-kisses) Sharing the laughter, the tears, the deepest dreams and fears, working through ALL that comes our way, keeping open arms. Accepting our faults, weaknesses yet challenging/inspiring each other to be the best WE can be. We can read each other w/out saying a word, looking into each others eyes or from across the room, aware of the unspoken. If I fall you would catch me, if you fall I could fall on top of you, oh what a pleasure. What's on the inside radiates, I FEEL this energy (SO much better shared) Wow, there are too many fish in this sea, ADD overload ...Since I am trying to reply to all messages but it is getting way too time consuming I am going to sum up the "simple" questions... "Hi", "I am well", "My day/evening is going wonderfully, thank you for asking" =) much appreciated but serious bidders only ;) ~I desire one who is living a similar holistic lifestyle... active, spiritual "aware", "gets me", intellectual- depth, the inner connection keeps us together ... To save some MORE time, I can live without TV, bars and alcohol ...too many things to learn, see and do...I have a curious mind with a hint of ADD and crave someone mentally (and physically) "stimulating" ... Best wishes to everyone =) IF we have developed a "connection" talking via phone I prefer a very casual "meeting" to talk over coffee/tea/juice and see if the chemistry is there ....and move on to dinner or activity together if we have a mutual attraction...

  • Miley


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    Kinda hard to describe myself. I love to sing and go all kinds of music...prefer to live lifes experiences than watch other on tv (but I do watch tv lol) ...Yankee fan...the rest you'll have to find looking for just sex so don't waste your time open but Lunch or dinner is a good start.

  • Anja


    Woman. 36 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 33-43

    I love football, pretty much all sports. Love the beach, grilling.... playing games...working hard, plus many other things. Would like to meet an interesting someone to share all the funs with.

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