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Hi... This is a summary of who I am and my values - my "Mental Operating System"... 100% honest (I will NEVER lie to you nor ever deceive you... I hate lies because they create so many unnecessary problems! I will only tell the truth, even if doing so makes me look bad or disadvantages me in some way, because being 100% genuine, trustworthy and honest is my Number 1 value and priority in life. I do not make promises that I cannot keep and I strive to ALWAYS fulfil my promises. My spoken word is reliable and like a legally binding contract, because my reputation depends on always being honest and fulfilling my promises to others)... I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones that I have are QUALITY friends... 100% loyal and faithful (I have never cheated on any girlfriend or partner in the past, never, not even once, and will NEVER ever do so - That is so disgusting to me!)... I only want to associate with good, helpful & kind people with good, helpful & kind intentions... 100% responsible for all my thoughts, feelings and actions... (I work hard and I play hard)... I have a 'stoic' mindset... Also, I am not the kind of person who seeks to please everybody, or who tries to 'fit in' with the crowd... I strongly believe in freedom of speech, and freedom of choice... If I don't like something, I will say so openly and frankly, and I will explain why... The same is true if I like something (I am not afraid of people)... Nobody controls my thinking or actions, and I don't need other people's validation nor approval. I cannot and will not tolerate constant criticism, constant negativity, contempt nor disrespect, and in fact, I will do all that I can to avoid the company of such miserable perfectionists who imagine their standards are always superior, or those who act like judges and control-freaks! I cannot and will not be controlled by baseless or false criticism and negativity... I welcome the advice, criticism and counsel of those who are more experienced and wiser than I am in a certain field, as long as such advice and counsel is accurate, truthful and intended to be helpful... In fact, I listen to everyone, but I make all of my important decisions based on my values and priorities in life. I am not here to please everybody and every critic who tries to control me with their criticism... I am a decisive goal-oriented problem-solver who prioritizes moral values, best possible results (decisions, actions and progress on important goals), emotions (people's feelings) and my ego (or preferred or favorite way of doing things), in that order (from most important, to least important). My ego or pride is not important compared to accomplishing my big goals, so I do not care about seeking glory or prominence in the eyes of others... In fact, unlike many people I have met, I avoid acting like an over-critical perfectionist or a domineering control-freak (who treats people like they are inferior or like slaves), and see no need for always winning arguments, or 'being right all the time', unlike many egotistical and arrogant people who believe that their egos are more important than achieving the best possible outcomes or results. I am confident but careful, ambitious but aware of the big risks involved... I believe in following (proven) successful systems and procedures, yet I am open-minded, realistic and flexible, able to adapt to unexpected problems and big challenges.... I am very good at predicting, planning and preparing for the future to ensure successful outcomes for all my goals and big projects, because I strive to base all my big decisions and choices on a large 'pool of knowledge', reality, strong evidence and irrefutable facts (not only from my own research, but from information gathered from many other sources and experts). It is no accident that over 98% of all the projects that I have supervised and/or worked on in the past were successfully completed. I know many different skills, systems and methods of management for designing, developing and managing very complex systems and/or engineering projects (including teams of workers), with ease, and with competence, because I am a very faster learner, able to learn and apply many complex technical skills, easily and quickly. I grew up in Australia, and lived here since I was a 2-year-old baby (since ***... English is the only language I speak (along with about a dozen different computer programming languages!) I am a very creative person who is good at music, art (drawing), and I can also bring most people intense joy and pleasure with my highly original and wicked sense of humor... I can make almost ANYONE laugh uncontrollably (on command), until it hurts. (I actually studied a course in stand-up comedy)... No kidding, I am a genuine walking encyclopaedia of knowledge and skills... My brain can learn and absorb almost ANYTHING, including any type of skill! I like the company of positive intelligent people who live by good moral values (no deception, no stealing, no cheating, no back-stabbing, no Narcissism, no evil)... Honest, generous, kind, respectful, modest (humble) and skillful people, and those who can teach me new things. Sadly, modern TV shows and movies promote characters with many personality disorders, poor communication skills (like yelling, threats, violence, interminable criticism, belittling, insulting, intimidation, deception) and other bad attitudes that are considered 'normal' (such as laziness, hedonism, arrogance / haughtiness / conceitedness, and being an unproductive 'neer-do-well' - or a burden on other people or on society) ... Such characters are revered as exemplary 'role models', worthy of imitating, worshipped by many viewers who admire them (mainly because of their looks, due to 'beauty bias' promoted by the mass media)... Therefore, many people have been influenced vicariously by such bad 'role models', without realizing there are better ways to communicate, think and act... (That is why the world is in such a mess! No values, no morals, no emotional intelligence, no basic knowledge of what is right and what is wrong... leading to over 50% divorce rates due to marriage break-ups, violence, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, broken families, STDs, addictive drug use, crime, robberies, etc. in all the western countries that promote such bad attitudes and vices)... Just like a computer, the human brain can be trained to think good, or to think bad... (Garbage in, Garbage out)... and sadly, the morals and values that we see today on TV are mostly BAD! (due to bad influences on TV and in the movies)... I do not like being around sociopaths, psychopaths, racists, bullies, control-freaks and shallow, self-centered Narcissistic people (those with mental disorders like Schizophrenia - those who imagine negative things that are just not true nor based on reality, NPD / Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and/or OCPD - Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - i.e. Being an annoying perfectionist or control-freak who tries to dominate and bully others into submission). I avoid those who try to disadvantage me, control me, or who try to attack my good name and reputation with false stories, lies, slander or libel. I have studied many books about psychology, and I can identify, diagnose and fix most kinds of bad attitudes and bad behaviors, however, nothing can be done to stop or fix psychopaths (deliberately evil people with evil intentions!)... I love learning (new technologies, new skills), and doing new things every day that help me to accomplish big rewarding goals. I love working out in the gym or doing physical exercise almost every day (I also have no major health problems). I have 2 University degrees in the fields of Engineering / Science (very highly educated) with a high IQ... because I love studying and learning... (in fact, on average, I complete studying 1 new book or 1 new training course each week). So far, I have completed studying over ***books (over ***technical books, and over ***modern self-help / Psychology books). I love learning and getting more skillful every day!! Traveling, being active outdoors and seeing new places every year :) is an important priority for me... and I have visited about 20 different countries so far, having travelled all around the world, and I hope to travel around Eastern Europe, Russia and South America soon. I am the kind of person who does not like being bossed around nor controlled by other people (who act like slave owners or bullies)... and I don't treat people that way... because I believe in following the "Golden Rule" (Treat others the way you would want them to treat you)... and the Law of Reciprocity (Whatever you give out will come back to you... or, You reap what you sow)... If you give people bad feelings (or treat them badly), they will give you back bad feelings (or treat you badly). Respect is a two-way street! I believe in empowering people and bringing out the best in others, and I have studied dozens of books and learned many effective techniques in the areas of performance coaching, leadership, management, team-work, conflict resolution, persuasion and negotiation ... I believe that every person deserves the MAXIMUM amount of freedom to do as much good as possible in their life... In all the decisions I make, I strive to maximize the advantages or what is good, and minimize (or eliminate) the disadvantages or what is bad (not just for me, but for all people involved - aiming for a "win-win" outcome for as many people as possible, aiming for consensus and benefits for everyone, so that nobody ends up as the loser). Most people are intelligent and know the difference between good and bad. If you are, overall, a good and honest person, who avoids doing evil, and who wants a loyal QUALITY friend, we can meet and do fun stuff together... BUT... I believe in respecting everyone's boundaries, and right to choose freely... I respect everyone's right to say "NO" and right to disagree with me... I believe in MAXIMUM freedom for me and you (without disadvantaging or harming anyone, or engaging in dangerous behavior! ) ... If you have not done so already, I highly recommend you study the excellent book (or audiobook) called "Boundaries" (by Dr. Henry Coud & Dr. John Townsend)... I also highly recommend these 3 brilliant books: "Dealing with people you can't stand", "The magic of thinking big" and "Crucial Conversations"... if you want to fix ongoing conflicts and relationship problems! (LOL, I am really an engineer, but I have studied so many self-help books, I can solve almost ANY relationship problem probably as well as a qualified Psychologist! If you have a serious problem, I can probably fix it so feel free to ask me... ***If you like playing chess, and you are quite good, please contact me! I have beaten the computer at level ***ELO (Expert level), and I win most of my games at level ***ELO and below. If you love chess and modern computer games, and you have similar interests to me, PLEASE contact me at *** *** protonmail . com


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