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Lucia, 41


About Me

BELOW IS WHAT MY PROFILE USED TO SAY... but in addition to below... i just wanted to say i could sit here and type about how incredible i am or something like that - truth is that if you take time to meet or talk to me and learn about one another that is the ONLY way anyone is going to know. so many judge on face, body and physical without learning who a person is inside. society has become VERY shallow and self centered. we all want the "eye candy" attraction.... but really would you rather be with someone that looks great but is really a horrible person or someone that's great inside that would give their all to keep you satisfied and average on the outside. i am told i'm attractive. i guess that's in the eye of the be holder. personally, what i look like on the outside pales compared to the inside. i will say i'm an incredible mother with a warm heart and a lot of love to give if i met someone. please, take the time to get to know someone... don't base your opinion on picture or words on a screen... learn with one step at a time - in the long run isn't that better? i was recently asked what type i'm attracted to - so here is my basic answer to that.... in a physical aspect i prefer guys that are taller and a bit strong...- just to say i like to wear heels and prefer not to look down on my date/partner. the strength is frankly due to like a man that can handle me without hurting me if you understand that. anything else you want to know - ask me..... i am easy going, laid back, honest and if in a relationship very faithful. my rules in life are simple... my son comes before everything.- i don't care if you leave the seat up- it's better then the alternative -LOL! i loose my cool about things that are just logical and not done. ex: if you stink take a shower. bad breath - brush! you'd think that would just be a given and simple. not always!! anyway, i am employed full time as a bartender and unlike most people i truly love my job. around work i like to spend time doing the normal things in life. i have my own home and am trying to get by. i have several dogs and truly i love my puppies. i'm straight forward and blunt (almost to a fault)! i wouldn't change my past for the world. i'm not perfect and if i had to say what my faults are the top one that comes to mind is: i let people that don't deserve it take advantage of my good heart. i truly believe there is good in mostly everyone. i like things done certain ways - i don't totally suffer from OCD but i do have it at times. my likes and dislikes... they are really simple... i like sports, action and adventure shows, drama shows (like law and order series - shows that make you think). i dislike fake people, dishonest people and especially liars, cheaters and thieves. i'm not sure what else to say... not looking to get a run around. i don't need games or anything! if you contact me understand i'm a single mother i don't have alot of free time to sit by the computer and do much...) that is about the computer usage i do outside of work. that's about it - if you want to know something else - ask - if you look you will find me - my life is an open book.


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    Yes, socially



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  • Sophie


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    Just moved to the area so I really don't know anyone. I like to stay active and not sit on my ass all day. I'm not a fan of lazy people! If your fat please do not have the urge to message me because that probably means i cam out lift and run you, which is ridiculous. I do not care for those who aren't honest with me. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going for walks/runs, the beach, and much more. I am a very simple person , loyal, very honest, and outgoing. I do not listen to hardcore jigaaboo, but everything else I am okay with listening too. I am not into partying hardcore, but socially I don't mind. I may be fun-sized but I am very lovable :) If you'd like to know more message me; however, if you are unable to write in complete sentences please don't bother to message me, thanks. Ps: not into short guys Fun Fact: I am addicted to mints lol Adventure

  • Lorraine


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    I'm a down to earth woman with two beautiful girls, 16 & 9. I love to go for walks on the beach, bike riding, camping, photography, cooking, football, NASCAR & roller coasters. I have 4 tattoos...all meaningful. I enjoy listening to most music. I don't sugar coat anything...Except me for all my flaws or **** u!!! Nobody's perfect & I think some men expect that sometimes. Overall, I'm short, sweet, love to laugh, adventurous & more importantly loving & honest!! I like surprises...

  • Mabel


    Woman. 24 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 21-31

    ~just now I am figuring out who I am.~i have a hard time with the concept of forgiving .~i smile all the time because I don't know what else to do .~sumetimes i just want u to listen, not talk, not interrupt, not offer advice or suggestions. sumetimes all i want is u to sit there and listen and to feel like i have been heard.~there are so many things i wish i could say.~i cry when u hug me because of the emptiness and pain i know i'll feel when u finally do let me go .~i really do care about you, more than u could even imagine.~im afraid to know myself and understand my feelings and wishes.~as im smiling and laughing, I have voices screaming and degrading me in my head.~my family is more dysfunctional than i like to admit.~im always in a state of mind is always going a mile a minute,i never have a moment of pure peace or silence in my head.~id love to escape to somewhere by the beach, eat, drink, dance, without a care in the world.~some days I feel like the old me & it feels so liberating .~i feel nothing most of the time and i wait to see your reactions before I know how to respond/reply/react myself.~i hate, absolutely hate, feeling vulnerable and i will do almost anything to avoid it.~i worship the ground my big sister walks on and she doesn't even know it. I compare myself to everything she does.~Sometimes i feel like i dont belong anywhere and i feel like an alien,and that i dont belong in this time because my outlook feels so foreign.~i still sleep with a stuffed animal.~i hate being needy and yet i long to be taken care of.~i simultaneously crave both fitting in and standing out.i feel like a failure when i'm different, and i feel like a failure when I blend.~i will not show that im mad at you. In fact, i probably won't even feel mad at you, unless someone else reassures me that it IS something to be mad about.~im scared shitless because i dont know what to do with my life and i cant cope without direction .~i nly pretend to be immature:im scared to show you just how serious and deep i can be. dinner and a few drinks maybe grab a movie..I'm open to suggestions :)

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