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Malinda, 39


About Me

I consider myself a very honest and trust worthy, up front and forward, no surprises. I'm fun, loving, energetic young woman. I am a hard working single mother (over 5yrs). Looking to start living my life now that she's in college.Enjoys making others smile it's important to enjoy life. I don't take things too seriously, life's too short. Don't consider myself needy or someone who gets attached to quick. Likes to take it slow to find out ones "True colors". Not the type that needs to be wined & dined everynight, or go to Europe for the weekends. I live in reality. Don't get me wrong if it happens I won't say no! Lol! Enjoy going out to dinner or to the movies, love to dance, hang out at home, alone or with friends & family. Looking for someone who can treat me with respect.... A gentleman. Someone who's laid back and can make me laugh, have good conversation. Someone who is willing to try new things and can open my eyes to new ones as well. Must be Honest and NO GAMES!! The first date shouldn't be anything dramatic. It's a time to meet see if there's a connection. So I think something like coffee or out for ice cream. You can usally know by than if there is an interest in do dinner or any all day activity. When it's right, we'll know!


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    Never married

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    Yes, socially



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  • Reyna


    Woman. 39 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 36-46

    When I love, I love very hard that means showing affection, spending quality time. I believe the simplest things can go a very long way. I look for someone who isn’t afraid to show affection.

  • Henrietta


    Woman. 40 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 37-47

    I am fun, playful, witty, authentic, vulnerable, passionate, grounded, confident, amorous, gracious, kind... and would love to share my heart, essence and life not with Mr 'Perfect'.. with Mr Right :) I am dedicated to my conscious spiritual growth. I have a huge heart.. love animals, children and nature. My ideal man is assertive (takes the lead), confident, thoughtful, successful, affectionate, gives attention (presence), and is loving. He would have his own seperate life goals and hobbies (as I do), and also be gracious and open. 'We' would be better together than apart, I believe Love is freely given with no thought of reply, is unconditional always, does not keep score. My partner would be respected and honored. We will be supportive of each other..building where one is strong and the other is weak (that's why opposites attract) I love to change my hair color every few years ;) Interests and hobbies are fun to discuss if we decide meet ;) if not, happy hunting to you :) ohhhh and one more Biggie, please please no Bathroom pics, especially wearing just your Fun ;) !! Not an interview ;)

  • Stacey


    Woman. 39 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 36-46

    I hope this moment sees you well, Welcome! This is I…on a page. I will try to convey with words some of my essence. It cannot compare to coming face to face and feeling, yet it can make a meeting palpable. No smoke or mirrors here to attract you, I seek something real and deep and that is done as I am and not by misrepresentation. I hope you, dear reader, are of the same mind. Now drink in my words and allow them to color your mind. English is my second language, first cuss word (unbeknown to me) I learned was motherfu….I gleefully told my new found word to my stepfather. That didn’t go over well. Imagine me now at the age of 10 in my older brother’s bedroom where several of us have convened to tell jokes. My turn, oh yes, I think I have a good one; the mere image of it in my head has me snickering before I utter a single word. In the deepest voice I can muster, I say “A big fat man walking down the street” I immediately lose it and laugh so hard that I can no longer speak, everyone is looking at me and can’t help themselves from laughing. Repeatedly I say the phrase, each time laughing harder than before. For once, I got more laughs with the lamest joke EVER in the history of jokes, merely from my own reaction, than my brother. Not much has changed since I was ten; I still sometimes hear a certain phrase or picture in my head and bust out laughing uncontrollably. Laughing is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures. I have loved unconditionally, no matter how much it hurt and tore I loved regardless. This is not description of bitterness, but rather of my capability of loyalty and loving beyond measure. I believe in love. I have experienced betrayal of the worst kinds, I’ve endured and come out the other side with no plots of revenge and a heart free of hate. Some have told me I am too nice, but it is what I value most in myself. My character is dear to me in only the way I see clear not what anyone thinks it should be. . My eulogy will rival that of Gandhi’s…kidding. My outside probably doesn’t measure to what is ideally attractive in society’s eyes, but hell it’s just a vessel to hold my awesomeness in ;0) I have one last story to tell you reader before you go. After I had my first child and moved ten hours from everyone and everything I knew, something in me changed that I did not immediately recognize as something that would ultimately make my world small. The anxiety beast with panic attacks that turned into agoraphobia. What is this you wonder, my best explanation I can give you is when I am not on medication fear is ever present, of what I haven’t a clue. With the medication, I now only feel this way when I venture into public, so someone I trust must be with me, my fight or flight response is unpredictable and can kick in with no apparent cause. Struggling with this, after divorce, my only option was to live with my mom. Now perhaps you wonder what a relationship would be like with someone like me, and are worried at how I would need you. Well I think you just might need me too, it is human nature to need others in one way or another. Will I lose myself in you, well no, I will always remain who I am. Can we venture out? Yes please, let us visit beautiful places with lots of nature for me to photograph. Let’s find a dive bar with only a few patrons to sit and giggle. Let us visit a museum during a day that isn’t overpopulated. Let’s find a place on the beach, be serenaded into peace by the waves. How about camping, fishing, or laying on a blanket in a place where every star is visible. It is my hope that getting out enough will help me venture farther; I am a great person if you dare to look beyond my anxiety, for I am so much more than it. Whatever we can imagine

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