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About Me

Ciao! I'm easy going and like to have fun. I'm up for anything and always have a good time... It's not what I'm doing or where I'm going but rather WHO I'm spending my time with that's most important. I like to keep busy and enjoy life... you will rarely find me sitting on the couch doing nothing... unless it's spending quality time with that someone special. The phrase "work hard ... play harder" definitely applies to me! I'm easy going, optimistic, and not much "gets" to me... except for disrespect and dishonesty. My friends would say I'm a loyal person and give the same respect as I would want to receive from people; I simply ask what I am willing to give. Looking to find someone to share good times and see where it goes. Hoping to find a mature, genuine person who knows where he is in life and what he wants. I am drama free, straight forward, and without games. What I say is what I mean... and I highly appreciate it when that is reciprocated. Although I'm definitely wise enough to not rush anything, I do want to know I'm spending my time with someone looking for the same things. So, if you're the serial dater type, chances are we're not a good match, as I'm looking for a bit more (sorry, just being real). There's so much in life to enjoy... just looking to share it all with someone. :) Let's chat then decide :)


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    Never married

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    Yes, socially



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  • Heather


    Woman. 23 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 18-29

    Hi! My name is Heather. I am never married other caucasian woman without kids from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a man, love of my life.

  • Dolores


    Woman. 36 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 33-43

    hi there! i would like to meet someone,that could make me laugh try new things take charge you know spank my bum,when i get out of hand!! lol hopefully i wont be disapointed! lol good luck here! talk soon sonelle :)

  • Regina


    Woman. 38 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: man. In age: 35-45

    You will never know the person that I was. That time has long since passed. Right now you will only know me in as much as I am willing to show you. This day will become yesterday, but tomorrow is still to come. My future is not set in stone. No ones is. However, there must be someone in this big, wide world who will fit into my yet to be. I am not chasing love, simply previewing what could be. The world is full of options and opportunities. I am the same, yet so very different. I am no one, yet someone. People have changed my life and I have had the opportunity to change the lives of others, if only for a moment. I am the calm and the storm. I am uniquely plain. I am a shell. I am many things. Now the question is only what will break the shell to see what is at the core. I have the ability to love like everyone else, yet my love is passionate and unending. I am so very average yet so very extraordinary. Okay, hopefully you make it this far and know how to read. I can't use crayons to draw pictures on here, but some of you 'men' need that option! Haha!DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF:You are younger than 34 or older than 44!Your pictures are more than six months old! What the hell are you worried about? Posting old a$$ pics is dishonest!You are going to go from zero to crazy in less than five minutes! I don't deal with crazy very well! You have convinced yourself that you are such a great looking guy that you have no idea why no one will date you! Breaking it down: Conceited people are never as good looking as they think! No matter how good looking you tell yourself you are, I don't want you to tell me repeatedly on a 'date' when I'm looking at you and thinking ' Are you serious right now?!? You are pretty average and maybe a bit less! You are superficial or live your life in a manner that leads you to believe you are better than anyone and everyone! In the end, we all become worm food!You are seperated. You are still married!! I avoid married men like they have the plague!Your actions don't match your words. Don't try to tell me what you think I want/need to hear and then show me the opposite.You think that all women are the same. Some of us are quite different.You are shady! Get some sun and try the game on someone else! I'm smarter than you think!You have an insane ex-wife or baby mama!! You wear your sunglasses/eye-pro inside to take a picture!! That's just dumb!Your profile photos are you shirtless and/or flexing! I'm glad you have your guns and abs! Hopefully they aren't your best quality/feature!!You want someone who drinks the Kool-Aid and does the church thing. I am not religious. I try to live my life in a manner that is right, but I don't do church. Also, don't use your religion as a crutch or an enabler! If you continually do what you know is wrong in the eyes of your God, then do the church thing to feel better about it, you are using it to make yourself feel better, not to be better! You don't like southern food!!You don't like sushi!! Ok, that can be made an exception in the right situation! :)You have no sense of humor!You want a docile female who has no voice or independence!You are needy and require a lot of attention!You are confused about what you really want with a partner!You only want a bed buddy!!!!!! I say again; DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU ONLY NEED SOMEONE TO SLEEP WITH!!!!!!!! I'm not here to let you get your D!*% wet!!You expect me to know or learn any other language besides English! You are just plain bored!Ok, that covers some of you!Now, here is who I am and what I am looking for:I'm a woman with a sense of humor. I'm southern to the core. I know exactly what I want and will waste no time on ***'m not a super model, but I clean up pretty good. I'm not a size 2, but I am not obese. I am not going to send you inappropriate pictures because I have self respect! I'm not going to lie, cheat or expect you to take care of me. I'm carrying my own without a man! I am a romantic, but find that most men don't really understand that word. I have qualities that I think are quite rare these days, but I also have some that others don't approve of.. I smoke, I drink occasionally when the mood hits and I curse. Patience is not my strongest virtue, of course I'm not sure I would ever use the word virtuous to describe anything about myself. I am not a genius, but i consider myself to be intelligent. I enjoy movies at home, my Xbox (yes, I am a gamer), tons of music, cooking, camping, fishing and a lot of other things that will come to light if we get into a conversation. I am hoping to find someone whose flaws mesh perfectly with mine and whose qualities and beliefs compliment my own. There is so much to learn about others and so much to share about myself. I am not superficial. Well, not totally! I prefer a clean shaven face. I prefer someone my height or taller. I prefer someone who is at least average build. I can not date someone who is extremely large. I have dated people of varying heights and builds and with and without facial hair. These are merely preferences!! So don't get offended and message me to complain! If you made it this far and want to get the inside scoop into who I really am, you know what to do. Otherwise, good luck. Coffee? I'll even pay for my own!

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