Photo Requirements

Profiles with photos attract more attention, than the ones that don’t have a photo. That’s why we highly recommend uploading a couple of photos in order for your profile to stand out. We reserve the right to reject or recrop photos as needed in order to provide high-quality service. Your photos will appear on the site after they are approved by our Administration.
Please, find our photo requirements below:
  1. Pictures must be in .gif, .jpg, .png, .jpeg formats.
  2. The picture file size must be 10MB or smaller, with a minimum resolution of 150х150 pix .
  3. Pictures that take up less than 50% of the allotted space or are fuzzy or unclear are not permitted.
  4. Group pictures are only accepted if there is at least one picture of the member already uploaded and this picture clearly shows the member's face.
  5. Photos, containing nudity, sheer/see-through clothing, sexuality may only be posted as Private.
  6. Drawings, caricatures or other illustrations, copyrighted images, celebrity photos will be rejected.
  7. Photos, containing identifying information (ie: license plates, email or web addresses, visible street address numbers, etc.) are not accepted.
  8. Photos, displaying illegal acts or violence will be rejected.
  9. Minors alone in photos (without an adult included) are not permitted.
  10. Photos must be faced upright.
Some more advice on uploading a good photo:
  1. make sure your image is clear, free from shadows or specks
  2. make sure your first photo is a close-up or a headshot. Your matches want to see you, not the scenery on the background.
  3. upload the most recent photo
  4. upload as many photos as possible, remember, a picture is worth a thousand words