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What to expect when dating someone who likes BDSM?

Fetishism and BDSM dating have not gone out of fashion for many years - mainly in the form of defiant clothes and vague fantasies about special sensations. In fact, BDSM practices can be painful and humiliating, which does not necessarily excite everyone. Therefore, those who want to expand their sexual horizons should familiarize themselves with the basic concepts and decide whether it is worth it.

First, you need to understand what BDSM is. This is a set of three abbreviations: DB - Bondage and Discipline, DS - Dominant Submissive, and SM - SadoMasochism. Each format has its own type of relationship between Top / Dominant (acting side) and Bottom / Submissive (receiving side). In general, DBs are time-limited sessions with the use of different practices and strict delineation of roles.

DS assumes a prolonged transfer of power over all or (more often) some spheres of life. Example: The big boss in the house is subordinate to his wife in everything, including the requirement to wear a thong with pandas. Submission and domination can be manifested both in the bedroom and in a lifetime.

SM means mainly painful effects to get pleasure. The sadist likes to torment, the masochist likes to suffer. The masochist is sometimes inferior only formally.

How do you meet people that are interested in BDSM?

In our modern world, the biggest part of BDSM dating occurs on the Internet, and this has a lot of advantages. First, it is very convenient for busy people. Secondly, you have the opportunity to estimate your appearance, interests, and manner of communication before the date. Third, there is the possibility of virtual relationships.

Everyone would like to get acquainted with a person who shares their interests. The slave wants to find a dominatrix, and the dominatrix wants to find an obedient slave. So if you are interested in BDSM personals and submissive dating, you should follow the basic rules of politeness when chatting with a dominatrix:

  1. In your first message, say hello, tell your age, describe your preferences, and the purpose of your messaging briefly.
  2. If you do not get an answer within 10 minutes, do not write offensive texts. Don't be intrusive!
  3. If you were refused, or your preferences did not match, do not waste time on angry messages, you will be immediately blocked.

How easy is it to find BDSM people on dating sites?

BDSM is a rather specific subculture with a whole range of its own characteristics. And one of the most critical features is that BDSM is still a perversion in our society. The most relevant problem for BDSM personals is to find a partner they will have mutual interests with. Yes, finding a partner is pretty tricky when looking for submissive dating. We cannot know if the person in front of us is interested in BDSM. That is why using a BDSM dating site comes handy. Of course, not everyone will write, “I’m looking for BDSM near me” in their profile. But sometimes you can guess by a person’s name which can give you a hint on the person's interests. Or, such people usually have private pictures in their profiles, which are not meant for everyone. This makes it much easier to find BDSM personals for sub dom dating.

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