You might never get a match if you don’t have this one thing in your profile bio

You might never get a match if you don’t have this one thing in your profile bio

Whether you are looking for something fun or for a serious relationship, online is the best way to get it. Though, if you’ve used dating apps before, you should know that it’s not always that easy. First impressions are important and you really have to think about your conversation starters as well as how to plan your when you meet your match offline. But the cherry on top of your should be your bio. You could be intelligent and charming in your chats but does it really matter, if no one will actually notice you in the first place?

Make your profile bio look completed and include all the information you want to share about yourself. users would better choose someone with fully filled in bio because it shows that at least you care enough to spend some time working on it.

What could be the turn off for your future matches?

First, jokes. Generally, jokes are good. Being able to laugh at yourself and show your sense of humor is definitely a big perk for your profile. However, making those jokes rude, too sexual or, altogether, inappropriate, will never give you the attention you were looking for.

Second, emoji. Apparently, about 80% of users admit that they don’t like seeing emojis in profile bio. So be careful with using smiley faces, ’cause it may be a big turn off for your potential match.

And the most important, photos. Not having pictures in your profile is a crucial ‘No’ for apps. 99% of users would never match with someone who doesn’t have any photos in their profile. Also, it goes without saying that these should be clear, good quality photos and you should be alone in there (or at least it should be clear, which one of these people is you). It’s always better to use several photos to show yourself from different sides. But again, you can have plenty of great photos, though if there is one with a red flag in it, it will put people off.

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These little tips are quite easy to remember and follow. That’s why if you are planning to continue enjoying your online dating experience, you should make these changes in your profile bio.

You might never get a match if you don't have this one thing in your profile bio

Having a nice bio is important but once it comes to a real conversation, you got to be yourself. Instead of sending casual “hi! how are you?”, try something new that will make your message noticeable and will actually increase your chances of getting a reply. And your match’s profile bio may actually help you a lot:

  1. Ask questions about something you’ve read in their profile (let your match know that you actually read it)
  2. Find common interests that you both have noticed in your profile and use it as a way to bond
  3. Find something interesting in their photos and ask about it

Building a connection is the best way to bond and get to know each other better before the real date. Use this opportunity to make your offline smooth and nice.

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