Why There Is no More “Daily Talks” Service?

Why There Is no More “Daily Talks” Service?

You all remember our platform for communication “Daily Talks” where users discussed hot topics and vital news. At the same time were able to find people with common interests and values. You’re puzzled by the question now “Why there is no more Daily Talks service?” Every day we added the most popular news to our service for you to discuss them but at some point the idea of looking for a second half got lost.

What do we mean? Our first aim is to help people to find their love not friends to talk to about what’s going on in our world. That’s why we decided to focus our dating service on the communication between two people who like each other at first sight.

How does it work? You find a person you like, visit his/her profile, answer a set of questions and everything begins. You are here to meet the right person and find love. Then do it! Conversations won’t start themselves.


Still not with Meetville? Download our iPad/iPhone, Android apps on Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps and join us. Start relationships with people like you and you like.

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