Who Avoids Online Dating

Who Avoids Online Dating

The scientists found out that people with low self-esteem who highly appreciate romantic relationship are unlikely to use online dating services. The researchers explain the results the in the following way.

Most of us are afraid of being rejected, but we have learned to live paying no attention to our fears – otherwise we would experience a lot of problems in our everyday communication. But people who are less self-confident still look for «safe» socialization to reduce the risk of being dumped. They experience great stress after being misunderstood or underestimated. All these failures reduce their already low self-esteem.

The reason is that sociable self-confident people find it comfortable to communicate with manifold anonymous internet users while those with low self-esteem perceive online dating as leaving their «safe» area as the more people you communicate with the higher your chances to get a refusal are.

In order to minimize negative experience of unsuccessful online communication people with low self-esteem will likely to avoid Internet dating trying to protect themselves from being rejected by numerous virtual partners.

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4 thoughts on “Who Avoids Online Dating”

  • Hey, I think that the data have real sense, as there are too many people who treat their virtual life as if this is their real life, that’s why to become rejected online can be hurtful for them

  • hmmm, really surprising data, I’ve also always thought that people with low self-esteem are likely to use online dating and other virtual stuff for their communication….

  • I’m really for online dating. I don’t know if it really depends in my self-respect or self-esteem, but there you can meet no more freaks than in a real life.

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