What Schools Americans Choose for Their Children

What Schools Americans Choose for Their Children

Many parents choose state education over private schools. In a new poll, conducted from 1/13/14 to 9/15/14, Meetville.com (dating app to find the right person) asked 93,799 people to respond to the following question: “Do you believe in public school for your children?” An overwhelming majority of those polled (68%) prefer their child to attend a state school.

According to John O’Farrell, The Guardian, “the moment you decide to pay for school, you are denying your child a basic education in what their own society is like. Public schools have to serve every child in a community. They don’t get to cherry-pick only the brightest or wealthiest students. And that’s a large part of their appeal to many parents.”

Out of participants, the USA was the most represented country – 80%. That relates to the popularity of public schools there, as opposed to many other countries. Participants from Canada made up 2%, from Britain – 5%, from Australia – 3% and from other countries – 10%.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, believes the poll indicates that parents in the USA, more than in other countries, praise the national academic program. Sending children to public schools is the ultimate sign of support, and helps keep them more deeply involved in a precious public resource that needs, and deserves, their support.”


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