What Notifications We Send to Our Users

What Notifications We Send to Our Users

It is very important for us to inform our members if somebody noticed them, wrote them a message, visited their profile, or is interested in getting to know them better. This may be especially useful if users don’t visit our site every day.

Here are some examples of notifications: “Somebody wants you to add more information to your profile”, “Somebody winked at you”, “You’ve got a message” and many others. The complete list of notifications is in the “Email Notifications” section. You can always unsubscribe from the notifications using the unsubscription link at the bottom of the message body, or by unselecting the notifications in “Email Notifications” section.

If you want to limit the amount of Email notifications, take the following few steps:
1. Go to the “Email Notifications” section
2. Unselect those types of notifications you don’t want to receive, and select those you want. You can also choose the frequency of notifications here
3. Click “Save”.

Specially for those who prefer to use iPhone or iPad we launched the mobile version. You can find them if you follow the next steps: Settings -> Meetville iPhone / Meetville iPad

Our main aim is to help you to find the best second half, let’s say the right person for you! Meetville notifications will always inform you about new Singles or Matches we selected for you. Download our apps for iPad/iPhoneAndroid and recently launched apps on Amazon AppStore and Samsung Apps. Communicate with like-minded people and meet your love on Meetville!

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