What Do Singles Prefer?

What Do Singles Prefer?

It may seem surprising but the myth that men prefer skinny women has been completely ruined.

According to Paul Rozing survey most men indicated an average female figure as the most attractive. The same story happened with the stereotype about younger women. Earlier they are considered to be the most dangerous rivals of middle-aged ladies. Recent researches show that men would rather prefer to date with a more attractive older woman then with a young less pretty girl while middle-aged women tend to look for younger partners.

Moreover, both men and women highly appreciate partners’ education status as they strive to find a soulmate with whom they can communicate at the same level. Personal traits of character also play a very important role.

Statistics also shows that married men have more chances to live a long happy life than their single colleagues as they are less susceptible to stress and diseases.
First kiss becomes a pleasant finale of a first date only in 48% cases. 90% of testees confessed it made them nervous.

About 90% of U.S. men and women are against alcohol abuse during their first date. They consider that two drinks during the romantic dinner are more than enough.

And of course most of us believe that being relaxed and natural during our first date we’ll definitely be successful.

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