Welcome New Contraception Delivery App For Lazy Ones

Welcome New Contraception Delivery App For Lazy Ones

Thanks to online dating services you can meet people without leaving your house. Though, modern technologies took a step further, as from now on there is an application that allows you not leave your house in an emergency if you are likely to have sex but don’t have any protection. 

This new delivery service called GoPuff will deliver anything you need from pregnancy tests and Plan B to condoms in various sizes right to your house. They describe themselves as “on-demand delivery service application created by Millennials for Millennials”. Even better news is that they already have their services in 20 major cities in the USA including New York, Chicago, Boston, Austin, and even small college towns like Syracuse. 

Of course, there are some other delivery services that can bring you anything you need. But the thing is, that not all of them are able to bring the contraception and some of them are taking too long to bring your order, while GoPuff is really good in emergency situations.

So, if you have GoPuff in your city, it’s really good news for you 😉 


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