We Launch Our Version on Amazon AppStore

We Launch Our Version on Amazon AppStore

Dear friends,

Finally, we followed Google advice to consider alternative distribution channels for an Android app and decided to launch Meetville App on Amazon. It’s quite predictable after entering AppStore and GooglePlay.

For those, who now find the best way to join Meetville, this news is great news.
Amazon as the biggest internet market covers 200 countries. So if (for some reasons) you can’t download Meetville app from GooglePlay, sure, you’ll succeed on Amazon.

Also, Amazon AppStore numbers 50,000 apps while Google Play more than 600,000. Now for you it’s much easier to choose a dating app (if you still hesitate which one deserves your attention). Except that, fast developer support and insightful comment has already become a brand’s hallmark. And last but not least, the innovative feature of Amazon Test Drive allows to review the app on the desktop and, consequently, make sure that it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Now Meetville team does the finishing strokes before the release.

Hope, you look forward to this event as we do!

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